Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Hannah Stevens

May 6, 2016

About Me

My name is Hannah Stevens, I am a fifteen years old and yes, I study nuclear fusion. At around eleven years old, I found myself incredibly interested in nuclear fusion and how it worked. Once I knew more about nuclear fusion, I wanted to learn how I could make nuclear fusion to work for us.

The Discovery

In our lab, we had the best equipment to get the best results at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Our discovery will change people's lives. We have discovered how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source. People will soon realize how life changing this discovery could be.

How does nuclear fusion produce energy?

Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the sun. Energy is produced by fusing together light atoms in the core of the sun. Now you might have heard of nuclear fission too, but that's different. Nuclear fission is the process of creating heat by splitting atoms. Nuclear fusion is fusing atoms while nuclear fission is splitting atoms.

Safety concerns and precautions when using nuclear fusion

You may be thinking this is a bad idea, because nuclear fusion could be so harmful to the Earth. However, many studies shows that the nuclear fusion is actually quite safe. Nuclear fusion producers no greenhouse gases, its fuel consumption is low, there is not even a toxic waste issue. Even if there was a radioactive release, it would not require evacuations of towns to clean it up.

Economic Impact

Nuclear fusion would be great for our economy because many new jobs would be created and there would be no pollution from this clean energy. Energy rates will be lower than conventional energy markets because we won't run out of nuclear fusion. In fact, I can assure you that most conventional energy markets will go out of business. When we don't have our current energy limitations more discoveries can be made, and people won't always have to save energy! Instead of focusing on limiting pollution, scientists can focus on finding solutions for other environmental issues, like car pollution. My discovery will be change the economy to better conditions for the people.