Kindergarten Newsletter

Hampden Park Public School, Term 3, 2013

Have a look at some of the exciting things we are doing!

Visit to Lakemba Library

Kindergarten recently visited Lakemba Library. We listened to a story, talked about the exciting texts we can borrow (such as books, DVDs, bilingual books and magazines) and had a tour around the Library. If you would like to join Lakemba Library, it is free and application forms are available at the Library.

Seussical Book Week

Our Book Week Parade will be held on Wednesday 21 August from 9.30am. Dress up as your favourite Dr Seuss character- make a costume at home, be creative, and join in the Parade. Family and friends are invited to attend. The Kindergarten teachers will be dressing up- can you guess who we might be? A clue- we will be very colourful and "amayzing"!

KNW- Miss Warlond

This term we have been learning about how to be Superstar Writers! We use capital letters at the start of our sentence, spaces between our words and a full stop at the end of the sentence. If we don't know how to spell a word we say the word slowly and write down the sounds we can hear. We always try to do our writing by ourselves! In Maths we have been learning to count backwards and to add two numbers together as well as identifying 3D objects and learning about Length. In Reading Together time (Monday, 2.35-3.00pm), Mrs Smith has been reading to us each week. We would love other parents to come and read to us too! We have been enjoying our Integrated Curriculum Workshops- here is a picture of Rida, Shohan and Farheen as the Cat in the Hat from our Seussical production.
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KSB- Miss Box

This Term KSB has been looking at 3D objects. We found lots of 3D objects on our shape hunts around the classroom and playground, and even made our own using toothpicks and bluetack! In KSB we have Reading Together every Monday at 2.40pm where parents and carers are invited to come and spend some time in the classroom reading books with the children of KSB. We also have sport on Tuesdays, and Library every Friday. Please remember to pack library bags and books on a Friday so that your child can borrow a book for the week.

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KKA- Ms Kadri and Mrs Ali

KKA love listening to books read aloud and Anthony Brown is one of our favourite authors. Books have helped us to learn new words which we are using to write descriptive and informative texts. In number we have started to learn about the concept of subtraction and we are learning to count backwards. We have had fun searching for 3D objects in the playground and making them using play dough. In Science this term KKA are learning about ‘Moving’. We have been discovering how toys move through designing and making our own toys. Can you guess what makes this toy move?

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KSG- Miss Georgiades

KSG is always learning new and exciting things. Over the past few weeks we have been learning about three-dimensional objects in our Mathematics classes. The students were able to name identify various objects that resemble 3D objects found around the classroom. Look at what they found!

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KJK- Miss Kovaceska

This term KJK will be continuing reading with the parents every Tuesday afternoon at 2.40pm after a successful Term 2. In Science our big question is “How does it move?” KJK have started learning about how our bodies move and have enjoyed playing musical statues with Ms Huttly our RFF teacher. In Sports this term we are developing our skills in using hula hoops, playing with balls, skipping and many more games. We had a fun time learning how to spin a hula hoop around our hips, to skip with and roll on the ground. In Mathematics we are learning how to add a group of objects to make a total. On Thursday the 25th of July KJK and KGS went to Lakemba Library. We enjoyed having a story read to us by the librarian and having a walk around the library.
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KKH- Miss Ho

This term we have been learning about ‘Moving’. We have been discovering how toys and human body move through a lot of fun activities such as making paper planes and dancing wands. In Maths we have been learning to identify some common 3D objects. We made box statues and party hats and talked about their attributes. Also, we have been enjoying our Integrated Curriculum Workshops- here is a picture of Yusuf as the Cat in the Hat from our Seussical production. Lastly, thank you very much to Mrs Farghaly. She has been reading to us each week and being very helpful with our reading groups. We would love other parents to come and read to us too.
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KGS- Mr Saunders

We have been very busy in KGS this term. In writing we are trying to write and spell by ourselves by listening to and recording the sounds we hear in words. In Maths we have been learning to add two numbers together and have also been identifying and describing 3D objects. In Science we are looking at how things move. We have observed how our bodies move and are now looking at how toys and other objects move. Here is a picture of Assad, Yusuf and Zunaid enjoying a book from our recent excursion to the Lakemba Library.

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General Information

Attendance: Please remember that students must be at school by 9am and that all absences need to be explained by a medical certificate or note to the class teacher, or by phoning the school on 97504111.

Parent Partnerships: We welcome parents and carers into our classrooms. Please check with your child's teacher when is a suitable time to come into the classroom and be involved with your child's learning. If you would like to speak with your child's teacher about their progress, you can make an appointment directly with the teacher or phone the Office on 97504111.

Library and Home Readers: Please ensure your child has their Home Reader book and bag everyday, and their Library book and bag on their classes Library day.

Social Media: We have a strong social media presence at Hampden Park Public School. Have a look at all the wonderful things our students and teachers are doing by clicking on the links above. You will also find lots of useful information about our school on the school website.

Welcome to Miss Brady!: Miss Brady will be joining KNW as their class teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Miss Warlond will remain on class in KNW on Thursday and Friday. On Monday and Tuesday, Miss Warlond will be the Teacher Mentor at HPPS, and on Wednesday she will be working on our major production, Suessical. Please feel free to speak with either teacher should you have any questions or concerns.

2014 Kindergarten Transition to School Program

Our Kindergarten Transition program commences in Term 4. If your child turns 5 before the 31st July 2014, they may be eligible to start school. Please see the staff in the Office.

Thursday 24th October (9.00-10.30am)

Thursday 31st October (9.00-10.30am)

Thursday 7th November (9.00-10.30am)

Thursday 14th November (9.00-10.30am)

Thursday 21st November (9.00-10.30am)

Thursday 28th November - Orientation Morning (9.00-10.30am)

Thursday 5th December - Picnic (9.00-10.30am)

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