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August 17th

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Schedule a Visit!!!

Need me to help out? Schedule a time to visit me in the library or for me to visit in your class. Let me show the kids how to use their Office 365 accounts, what's available in the library and how to get items from Limitless Libraries. I can help with Research through every step of the process. Just want to check out some books? Send them on down. Not sure if I can help, just ask and let's see what happens.

Student Visits....

When sending students to the library (and please do), always send them with a pass that tells us what they need to do and when you'd like them back. Let students know if they'd like to visit during lunch to stop by in the morning and get a lunch pass.

WWYD in the Library Wednesdays...

The library will be open late on Wednesdays. Students may stay in the library until 4:15 when they will be escorted to the car area or the MTA bus. All students are required to leave at this time. Please see Ms. McClure in the library if you have any questions.
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Getting the Library Media Center Resources

In an effort to cut down on the number of emails you receive from me, I have come up with a system. I am using a curation site called Scoop.it! to collect and share resources. So now you may choose to follow these boards by using your RSS feeder on your computer or if you have a Web Based RSS Feed, you may use this. I have created the below boards:

General & Technology


Reading & Writing


Social Studies

I would recommend everyone interested follow:

General & Technology

Your subject matter

Any subject that could have potential crossover

To follow:

1. Click on the below link(s)






2. To receive updates click on the RSS symbol. It will be the one on after Share.

3. Click on Subscribe to this Feed when the new window pops up.

4. A box will pop up, click on Subscribe.

5. To view the RSS feeds you have subscribed to, click on the Favorites tab, then the Feeds tab.

6. If there are new posts on any of your feeds, the title will be in Bold. Just click on the title to view it.


If you have not activated your account and added a bio and image, please do so ASAP. This is our first line of communication with the public and it needs to look as good as possible. If you notice items that need correction or would like for me to add items (especially calendar), please let me know. Also, if you are a coach, club mentor or other program representative, I can give you access to your own page to edit regularly.
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Interesting Reads & Great Things To Do....

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