Library Media Minute

February 2015

Library use by the numbers

January circulation

9th graders checked out 34 books

10th graders checked out 33 books

11th graders checked out 87 books

12th graders checked out 80 books

Staff checked out 63 books

23 books were loaned through ILL

The library website was access by students and staff 450 times through the month.

The Digies

1. The Digies is now accepting student submissions for its annual digital media festival.

The Digies is an awards event that celebrates student work that is being done in the digital and fine arts. The festival has four categories for submission: Audio, Images, Publications and Video with each category being broken up into grade ranges. Submissions are uploaded to the Digies website ( by librarians and teachers from participating schools and later judged by a panel of national experts in education and the digital media arts. At the end, we have a very nice celebration and awards ceremony where attendees can view all of the current year's submissions before the winners receive their awards.

Request Library Materials

Need books on a particular subject for student research? A video for your class? Email and let us know or fill out the suggest a book form.

Noodle Tools

Noodle tools is available to you and your students. It provides a platform for students to organize the research process cresting citations, notecards and outlines. It also allow you as the teacher to provide feedback throughout the process. If you'd like to learn more about Noodle Tools set up a time with me or sign up for the free BOCES professional development class:

Noodle Tools for Teachers and Librarians March 11 (3:45-4:45). Learn how to use Noodle Tools with your students to streamline and digitize the research process.

Resources for AP and IB Courses

If you are teaching AP or IB courses or working with an extended essay student, consider exploring the following resources. Contact me for help setting up an account of using the products.

  • JSTOR: a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources
  • Questia: online library and research tools featuring full text books, academic journals, and more.
  • EBL: provides ebooks to academic and research libraries
  • ebrary: full ebooks across all subject areas

Tech Tips

Hilton HS Library

The Hilton High School Library Media Center serves as the learning hub of the school. A shared learning space where learners come together to develop the skills they need to succeed as life-long learners in our rapid-paced, global society. The mission of the Hilton High School Library Media Center is to empower students to be enthusiastic readers, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.