Ironwood Payment

Payment Card Processing Services for Business

About Ironwood Payment

Ironwood Payment offers a broad range of payment card processing options. Available modules range from fully supported point-of-sale (POS) systems to swiping accessories for mobile devices and a variety of countertop devices. All of Ironwood Payment's equipment complies with Payment Card Industry data security standards (PCI DSS), which sets forth the requirements for all companies who handle cardholder data.

Ironwood Payment also provides gateway services for those clients who wish to engage in e-commerce. This service enables merchants to conduct business virtually without storing card information, while also providing resources for data analysis and reporting. Appropriate for businesses of all sizes, the e-commerce option allows for remote sales management while placing fewer compliance demands on the merchants.

Ironwood uses these options to help businesses reduce payment-processing costs and thus achieve greater profitability. To answer questions about this process, the company maintains a dedicated and experienced customer service team.