Norfolk Panthers

Norfolk Junior High

By: Richard Prochaska

Feature Story

Basketball is a game in which two teams try to beat each other. about basketball. How do the teams score points?. The most championships ever won was 17 by the Bosten Celtics. kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the world record for most points scored with 38,387 points. In 1829 the game of basketball was played with a soccer ball. The first official game was played in the YMCA gymnasium in Albany, New York on January 20, 1892 with nine players. nine players all together. The game ended with a score of 1–0 and they dont know who won the game or how long it lasted. A personal foul will give the other team a free throw. Lebron James is only 28 years old,Kevin Durant is 24 years old,and Kareem Abdul Jabar is 66 and they are all basketball players

Nursery Rhyme.

The star’s name was Carson Flip`floba. The star was so bright it was twinkling in the sky like a strobe light. On a full moon at 1:00 am, it appears if you say Carson Flip’floba three times, and it will appear when Bigfoot is crying because he stubbed his toe. Why does it appear? Carson Flip’ floba will have eaten an extra cheesy and meaty taco. The star is bright because he got a $999.00 mustang, that he got from his 999,999 old great great grandfather.

Movie Review

Toy Story

The actors in this movie are Tom Hanks as woody,Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Don Rickles,as Mr.Potato Head, and Jim Varney as Slinky dog. The movie is about Andy getting a new toy. Woody gets jealous that Buzz lightyear is getting all the attention, so Woody tries to make him look bad woody tries to do something and say buzz did it. Woody ends up saving buzz.The setting is 1995 in Andy's room. The message in the movie is treat you friends like you want to be treated. The intended audience is G.The movie is one of my favorite G movies. I like this movie because it is funny. I recommend this movie to others

The Best Of Toy Story Pt 1.


.Richard looks like the same person at 12 years old because he uses, look young potion. Richard attended high school at Norfolk High School. He went to Northeast Community College for 32 years. He Created the flying car that uses water for gas. Richard was in everything in high school football, baseball, soccer, and all of the above. Richard’s first job was to be a superhero be he didn't want all the work. So, he became a creator of the young potion, flying car, superpower clothes, and the best seller make-a-house, that justs creates a house for you. Richard is married and has 2 kids. Richard lives in a 5,000,000 square feet mansion with a football field and a basketball court built into it. Richard’s career has been to be a creator and a pro football player. Richard’s hobbies are pro football, pro baseball and pro basketball. He doesn't feel like he needs to change.

Favorite App


My game is NCAA 14 because it is a really good college football game. With the new infinity engine 2, it makes you feel like you are there in the face of chaos . The new mode ultimate team let’s you open card packs and get players to use on your ultimate team,and eventually create the best ultimate team .You can challenge your friends online to see whose ultimate team is better. With the new running improvements and trucking and hitting improvements the game is one of the best of its time.


The reason I don't like homework is because making paper kills trees. It kills and elminates the air. Homework also creates stress and I do not like stress. I do not like stress, because stress creates suicidal thoughts. Sometimes kids don't even like doing homework, and I am one of the kids who don't like doing homework after school.