Sending people to Mars

If you guys really know Mars,than have you ever herd of Olympus Mans? Scientist are sending rovers to Mars to figure out if its safe or not to go to Mars, and when we do we will be ready for what ever hits us. There can be different storms on Mars. temperatures can get to -85F. So NASA is trying to figure out how bad and how warm the weather can get to

NASA doesn't just send rovers to Mars, they send different types of rovers. Some are designed to do different things, travel different miles, discover different things

Buzz Aldrin

"Astronauts could have visited Mars moon Phobios which could serve as sort of a stepping stone to Mars. From there people can make the final assembly and check out all the habitation and final supplies and all life support systems. If they were successful they could land on mars,"Aldrin said.

Olympus Mons

If you ever knew how hard it was to climb Mount Everest. Than you must be thinking that is the most deadliest mountain ever. Well your wrong, there is actually a mountain on Mars, and its called Olympus Mons.

Olympus Mons is actually 22(km) high!!!!!! Now i will try to give you guys a picture in your head so you actually know how big this mountain is, because you are probably saying to yourself, "thats not high at all." Well Mount Everest is only 9(km) high compared to Olympus Mons. That would be 2 in a half Mount Everest's High!!!


Hopefully NASA will send people to Mars by the year 2030! An i hope you guys will be interested.