Karl Marx

Ryan Heinbaugh


Born on May 5th, 1818 in Prussia. He was one of nine children to his parents Heinrich and Henrietta Marx. His parents were both Jewish but converted in Christianity later in their lives. Karl studied sociopolitical theories at the university amount the Young and later on became a journalist. He married Jenny Von Westphalen in June of 1843.


1. Karl Marx socialist writings had him expelled from France and Germany.

2. Marx was the editor of Rheinische Zeitung which was a liberal newspaper in Cologne.

3. Marx founded a journal called Deutsch-Franzosische Jahrbucher where he and Friedrich Engles wrote many theories and philosophies and theories that would be published in 1845.

4. Marx was introduced to socialism in Brussels by Moses Hess and broke off from philosophy

5. In 1848 he wrote the first addition of the Communist Manifesto with the help of Engles. It stated that history was a series of class struggles and was working to get rid of capitalist.

6. In 1867 he published the Das Capital which would be followed by two other series.

7. In the Das Capital he wrote about the law of economics in society and talked about the capitalist theory and foreign religion and trade.

8. He worked on the second and third additions to the Das Capital which were published after his death by his good friend Engles.

9. Communist Vladimir Lenin followed Karl very closely and helped him gain respect and recognition.

10. Karl Marx's tombstone is engraved with the last line from the Communist Manifesto.