Get Ready for War!

Armed Forces

During the start of World War II, many joined the diversity of Armed Forces. About 300,000 Mexican American joined the force. One million African Americans served and work lived in segregation units. Approximately 13,000 Chinese Americans and 33,000 Japanese Americans join the Unit. Lastly 25,000 Native Americans enlist


  • factories convert from civilian to war production

  • shipyards, defense plants expand, new ones built

  • produce ships, arms rapidly

  • use prefabricated parts

  • people work at record speeds

The BIG 3

Work Force

Nearly 18 million workers in war industries; 6 million are women. Over 2 million minorities hired; face strong discrimination at first. Unemployment drops drastically. Then strikes stop….at first. They end up increasing sharply in 1943 because of rising cost of living expenses.

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