Jamaica, Kingston

By: Darling Quintanilla

Capital: Kingston

Major Cities: Spanish Town, Portmore, Negril, and Montego Bay


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Kingston is the capital of the island of Jamaica, lying on its southeast coast. In the city center, the Bob Marley Museum is housed in the reggae singer’s former home.



Jamica was controlled by another country; Jamaica was controlled by Spain people called Maroons. Jamaica is not controlled by another country anymore


Jamaica won dependence in, August 6, 1962
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The Jamaica's official Language is Jamaican Patois.


The black is symbolic of hardships suffered in the past, green represents the fertile land, and yellow the shining sun. In addition, black, green and yellow are Pan-African colors, and pay tribute to Jamaica's significant African heritage.

Geographical Information


Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribean Sea.

Physical Features

1. The island of Jamaica can be divided into three parts.

2. Mountainous nature of its surface.

3. The mountains system can be divide into three parts.

Economic Informaation

Type of goverment

Constitutional Monarchy


Andrew Holness
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Economic Information


Dolar Jamaiquino
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Economic System


Tourism Information

People should visit

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica and a major Caribbean tourist attraction that receives thousands of visitors each year.
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Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is a marine attraction in Jamaica at which guests can swim and interact with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays in their natural environment.
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