Haas Elementary Staff Bulletin

April 2015 Vol. 2

Early Release Wednesday

Remember students are dismissed at 1:13 Wednesday, April 22nd. We will meet at Richfield Bowl after students are dismissed. Plan to arrive around 1:45.

Request for Staff Input

Over the next 2 weeks, I would like each grade level to consider any and all issues/concerns that you have related to the operation of our school. The issues can range from Arrival-Dismissal procedures, to the structure of interventions, to specials offerings, to assessment schedules (you get the idea). I would also like you to consider your professional development needs. When you meet in your grade level/department teams:

  1. Identify the concerns/issues that you believe should be addressed by the school improvement team.
  2. Identify your top 3-5 professional development needs.

Everything is on the table and open for discussion, with the following expectations:

  1. Concerns must be specific to programs/procedures - not specific to any individuals.
  2. Concerns must be accompanied by potential, plausible solutions.

Last fall, Mr. Green met with a group of teachers representing each grade level. I would like to re-convene this group to review all collected concerns and determine the best way to address them. Some elements will likely be included in the School Improvement Plan update for next year; others may be addressed outside the scope of the formal plan.

Please submit your grade level team/department concerns and professional development needs electronically by the end of the day on Friday, May 1st.

Book Study Chapter 4

For our next book study discussion (Wednesday, April 29th), we will examine the following questions/ideas:

  1. Look at the descriptions of struggling readers and developing readers on pages 105-106. Put a check next to each element of the description that is true in your classroom. (Are struggling readers asked more often to read aloud?) If your reading instruction mimics what researchers have found as distinguishing the lessons offered to good and struggling readers, select one aspect that you could alter. Can you bring the reading lessons you offer to good and struggling readers closer together? Would someone be able to tell who was a good reader and who was not just by observing your teaching?
  2. Try using the Pause-Prompt-Praise strategy when working with your struggling readers. Use it for three consecutive days. Do you see any changes in the struggling readers behaviors?

M-STEP Testing/Prep Continues

The 5th Grade will conclude M-STEP testing this week, taking Math on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Social Studies on Thursday. Having experienced the extensive time needed to complete the tests - well beyond the projected time - and the subsequent allowance for some flexibility from MDE, we will not make changes to the specials schedule during testing this week.

Of note, 5th grade attendance was great - there are only two 5th grade students who have assessments to make up from last week. Keep emphasizing the importance of being in attendance for the initial testing day!

The formal M-STEP informational letter will go out to 4th grade parents this week. I will also meet with 4th grade students for their "test talks" prior to the beginning of the 4th grade testing window, which opens on Tuesday, April 28th.

If you are looking for additional practice materials and have not yet used the Smarter Balanced materials, here is a link to them:


Additional Upcoming Dates to Remember

Tuesday, April 21 PBIS Committee Meeting @ 3:30

Thursday, April 23 PTO Fundraiser @ 3:00 - 9:00, Chuck E Cheese (Miller Road)

Monday, April 27 Teachers in the Park Planning Meeting @ 3:30, Title I Room

Wednesday, April 29 Book Study (Chapter 4) @ 3:30