Days in DC

Crispell 8th grade trip 2016

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The Washington Monument.

The Washington Monument was made to represent our founding father, George Washington. At 555 feet high, this tower is like a beacon to represent all of what George has done for us.
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The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.

The Jefferson memorial was built to honor everything President Franklin has been and done for us, including drafting the Declaration of Independence, being the Vice President and Secretary of State, and even the Third President. The Lincoln memorial was made to represent unity and peace among the states, and to honor Lincoln's efforts to keep the country together.
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WWII Memorial

The WWII memorial was constructed to recognize all the veteran's and even the people's efforts in the war, and in spreading Democracy and freedom throughout the world, even going as far as to risk their lives to do so.
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The Vietnam Memorial

This 2 acre long wall was created to honor the dead and missing soldiers in the Vietnam War. It has all the names of fallen soldiers engraved in it to serve as a reminder for their bravery and heroism in their fight for freedom and democracy in Southern Vietnam.
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The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court was created in order to provide fairness and justice in the US, and was fully completed and organized in 2/2/1790. The current members of the Supreme Court are John G Roberts, Anthony M Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G Breyer, Samuel A Alito, Sonya Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan.
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The Air and Space Smithsonian Museum.

The Air and Space Museum is dedicated to collecting and preserving artifacts and stories from history involving planes and rockets. From the first airplanes ever crafted, to rockets from the Apollo missions, you can find it all here.

National Museum of American History

This museum is devoted to researching and exhibiting all the events in America's past, from it's colonial stages to the present. It has a beautiful wealth of knowledge on the subject, and is a very useful source of information on American history.

Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery is a graveyard for fallen soldiers and deceased veterans, and has laid to rest hundreds of thousands of people in the highest honor one can receive upon their death.

Arlington is also famous for several things, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the gravesite of Audie Murphy, the mast of the USS Maine, the Challenger Memorial and kennedy's gravesite. The Tomb of the Unkown soldier hosts a soldier whose name no one knows, and several say it symbolizes a final resting place for all the soldiers who went MIA or who was unable to be identified. They have the final resting place of Audie Murphy in their fields, a famous infantry soldier renowned for his skill during WWII. The USS Maine is a memorial dedicated to the men who lost their lives in the explosion of the ship near Havana Harbor, and the Challenger Memorial, dedicated to the team of astronauts who died in the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle. Finally, JFK's grave stone is in the Arlington Cemetery, as the final resting place and reminder of one of America's greatest presidents.

The White House

The White House has been the house for the current president and his family since John Adams was president. Considered one of the most important buildings in all of America, the White House is under constant, secure protection. The White House is used for all sorts of things, from hosting meetings, interacting with the general populace, and being the center of most of America's operations.
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The National Zoo

The National Zoo is one of the oldest Zoos in America, and is located in the heart of DC, and spans 163 acres! It contains all sorts of animals, from the amazon, to Asia, to Africa and both North and South America. My personal favorite animals were the Gorilla and the Giant Panda.