By: Naudia Hunter

what is alcohol and what are some effects ?

Alcohol is a drug that is legal but, it can cause you to be very depressed, and causes lots of damage to the body and can also cause death. If you are under the age of 21 then it is illegal for you to drink any type of alcohol. Drinking and driving is also illegal. Some of the effects it can take on the brain is, it can interfere with the brain's communication pathways which effects the way the brain works. It can change your mood and behavior. Effects on your heart it can cause Cardiomyopathy which is the stretching and drooping of heart muscle. It can cause Arrhythmias which is an irregular heart beat. It and also cause a stoke and high blood pressure. It also effects the liver, pancreas, immune system, and can cause cancer. So answer this question would you rather go out with friends and get drunk and get cancer and die at an early age? Or would you rather live a happy and long lasting healthy life by not drinking alcohol? The choice is yours.