Isaac Oliver

Painter/ artist

Birth Place

Isaac oliver was born in Rouen France in 1560

Where did he spend most of their life?

Isaac spent most of his live in london and sometimes went to italy


Isaac learned from Nicholas Hillard who was also an artist.

Lifestyle/ life

  • born in 1560
  • died 1617
  • Married a woman named Elizabeth

Type of art

Isaac was a painter he made small paintings that were mostly based on children


  • Earl of the Essex
  • Prince Henry
  • prince charels

Big image

The painting

The name of this pice is called portrait miniature of Richard Sackville, 3rd earl of dorset. It was created in 1616 in london. You cold find this painting in the Victoria and albert museum In London. What i think is significant about it is the colors and his hand on persons head which to me is the most interesting about the painting.


I think this symbolizes humanism because its focused on the way he looks.