TCMS Update

September 27, 2015

News and Reminders

~Our next faculty meeting is on Monday, October 5th. Let's plan to start at 2:50 PM. Fritz Kilian will have a five minute informational presentation on concussion management, Julie Kopp and the Assessment Committee will share findings from their work last year and I will have data to share about report grades and information relevant to our first month of school.

~Afternoon announcements will be made at 2:39 PM. We are trying this time so that tenth period isn't shortened, but please have students wait to hear them. Also, these announcements are for last minute changes and other essential information, not for daily reminders.

~We are only accounting for 60% of our staff during fire drills! Please be sure to add your name to a class report or your own blue attendance card if you do not have students with you. With only three drills left this fall, I want to be able to report 100% attendance for all staff and students.

~Our first Planning Team meeting of the year is tomorrow and we are in need of two more teachers to serve on this building committee. Please let me and your BTA representative (Eric, Sarah J. and Melinda) know if you would like to join this important group.

~We still have room for you at the NYSMSA Conference on October 23, 2015 at HF-L Middle School. Please see me if you are interested in attending!

Update Trivia

Jeff Colaizzi Won Last Week! Geneseo was the most attended college for our staff!

This week's question: What is the name of the fishing pond at ODE?