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By: Spencer W and Jared M

The Origin of the Islamic Religion

The Islamic religion was founded in one the Arabian peninsula, in sometime in the year 622. The religion spread quickly due to simplicity and the threat by Allah that whoever denied or submitted the Islamic religion. would be either forgiven, rewarded, or punished on the day of judgement. the people followed and believed Muhammad due to the simple concept of the religion. and the fact that there was only one god not many.


Muhammad is known in the Islamic religion as the prophet of the all mighty Allah. He is not the creator of the Islamic religion Allah is. Muhammad is known as the man who spread the word of Allah and began gathering people to join the Islamic religion.

Muhammad was born in the year 570 and died in the year 632.

Spread of the Islamic Religion

This factor was that during the early years of expansion, a lot of land came under Muslim rule through conflict and war, forcing the religion upon the inhabitants of the conquered lands. The simplicity of the idea of the Islam religion caused many people to join the Islam religion.

Principles of Islam

Islam is a Monotheistic religion they praise one god Allah the Almighty. Allah is the “God” of the Islamic religion. He is believed to be an ancient prophet in Pre-Islamic times. Islam Religion is Second to Christianity in world ranks. Muhammad a famous man to the Islams was a sort of messenger for the islamic religion to be the main prophet of Allah and started spreading the word of the religion. The Islamic people praise Allah and do so from their holy book called the Koran. In the Islamic religion there is 5 Pillars that the Islamic people must abide by Shahadah There is no other god besides Allah, Salat Pray 5 times a day, Sawm during the blessed month of Ramadan you must fast and have good self control, Zakat give 2.5% of your wealth to the poor, Hajj the pilgrimage to mecca at least once in a lifetime.

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