By: Yash Bhosale

What is cancer?

Cancer is a type of disease. In cancer some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.

What are some types of cancer?

Some types of cancer are:

1) breast cancer

2) bone cancer

3) cervical cancer

4) colon/rectum cancer, etc

Who are some Cancer survivors?

2 interesting facts about cancer are:

1) Scientists claim that the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl produced the largest group of cancers in history from a single incident.

2) During a 13.5-hour surgery, physicians were able to pull out a malignant brain tumor from an 11-year-old girl’s nose in Texas

Cancer Conclution

Over all, cancer is a very dangerous disease. everyday lots of people suffer from cancer and die from cancer, some people also loose lots of family members due to cancer. IN the end of this presentation I wanted to you, that, anyone can over come cancer, but it may not be easy. I hope that you help me fight for this cause and end this problem of cancer for ever