Claude Monet

By Claire Turner

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Monet's Life

   Oscar Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840. He was born in Giverny,France. Monet lived his live as anyone else, but he was famous. His art was in muesumes around the world.Monet stared drawing the outdoors at a very young age. His mother, Louise was always supportive of his art. Yet his father, Adolphe was adifferent story, he wanted Monet to go into the world of busseness. When Monet was seventeen his mother passed away, this passing had the biggest effect on Monet.In 1861 to 1862 Monet served his country. He was dicharged early do to health problems. After he returned to Paris and started his love affaire of art agian. He studied with Charles Gleyre which taught him well. Throught Gleyre Monet meet Augste Rener, Akred Sisley and Fredric Bazilla,these four men in his life became his best friends. Monet took these aventures to draw the outdoors. His friends went with him every now and then. Monet like any artist had financil struggles.In 1866 Monet decided to draw a painting that he called Camille or also known as The Women in Green. Featuring his lover and furture wife Camille Doncieux. She was Monet muse. The two young lovers had their first son in 1867, They named him Jean. Monet married Camille in 1870 at the age of 30. Shortly after that Monet returned to war to fight in the French- Prussian war. He came back home as a new man. After a while Monet found out about his wifes second prenacy, another son named Michael. During the birth of the child Monet's wife died during labor, another women gone from his life.During that time it came to be known as Monets Ice Dirft seris. Monet became romaticly involved with a women named Alice. Even through Alice was married they were every in love, They got married after her husband, Ernest Hoschede died in 1892.In 1911 Moent became depressed when his beloved Alice passed away. His art became his love after death of his second wife. Monet soon devoled a disease called the plauge eye and he went into surgry after it was fully devolped. The surgry did not do anything better only worse, laying on his death bed Monet spend his last days painting art. Oscar Claude Monet died December 5.1926. His art still lives on in muesums today and his name will always be famous.

Interesting things About Monet

Monet lived a full life but the real key things in his life. He had a son in 1867. Monet was only at the age of 27 when he was born. Monets father do not accept that Moent was an artist nor did he approve. His father did not help him with the raising of his grandson. Some reporters say that with the finacilal problems he had Monet attempted suicide in the Seine River. In 1870 Monet married his beutiful mues,Camille. The death of his wife affected him anormasly. Yet soon after he found another love other than his art her name was Alice. A married women but yet his love.


By Claire Turner

Thank you for your time.I hope you were just has interested in his paintings as I was.