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MCE Staff Newsletter Sept. 24, 2015

Calendar Clues....

MAP Testing for Grades 4 and 5 this week.

Monday, Sept. 28

ARC: Ms. Caldwell

ARC: Ms. Wagoner

Tuesday, Sept. 29

Mrs. Dunn and Ms. Kingsbury to Nature Academy

Wednesday, Sept. 30


Thursday, Oct. 1

PBIS Team Meeting @ 3:30pm

Friday, Oct. 2

Preschool Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch

FRC Volunteer Training 8:30am

Let’s Chat Curriculum…

  • Thank you for great PLCs yesterday! I enjoy our time together.

  • Sunday @ noon: Lesson Plans and RTI Plans are due! It was great to hear your discussions about RTI and the plans that have been developed. We need to be intentional about meeting the needs of our MCE students. K, 1st and 5th I already have your RTI plans.

  • October 1st- Snow Learning Projects! Snow Learning Projects need to be in the Snow Learning Server Folder by October 1st. I would be glad to meet with you if you need help getting started. Mrs. Adkins and I need to see your projects before they are uploaded to the server folder.

  • Thank you for turning in your SGG tracking forms!

  • September 30th: PGES Self-Reflections are due! Only 6 days left…..this is your last weekend to work on them.

  • Upcoming Common Assessments:

9/28/15 2nd grade Math Unit#1b

10/1/15 3rd, 4th, 5th ELA and 3rd grade Math Unit#2

10/2/15 5th grade Math Unit#2

10/5/15 1st grade Math Unit#2

Suprise and Delight

Mrs. Chandler was a trooper and has prepped our new Samsung tablets for use in class. She led two intro sessions as teachers learned some of the basic uses for them. We'll have more time to explore but are grateful for Deana's hard work to support our students.
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Principal's Points

Thanks for supporting HIgh Attendance Day at MCE. We don't know the final results as of Thursday night but we had only THREE students absent today. The students had a good time at the "mini-field day" stations and I appreciate everyone's flexibility. Whether you manned a station or flipped your schedule, your help made the afternoon fun go smoothly.

SGGs/PGPs/PBL/RTI/MAP...Holy Cow! You are doing so many things at once these last few days. There are lots of things going and you are handling it like troopers. All the energy you place into planning and instructional prep is an investment in our students. You are intentional and thoughtful in your work. Thank you!

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#fallishere #hanginthere #theyareworthit!