praying mantis

creed c.


Praying Mantis live in America, Africa and gardens. Africa has 880 species while only 20 species are in America.


They have long necks topped by a triangular head. They also blend in with the background.


The Praying Mantis eats insects, spiders,and lizards. They have also been known to eat small birds.


Many gardeners and farmers welcome mantis, because the insects they eat are often pests that hurt crops. They're well-camouflaged, adapting colors that help them blend with the plants they live near. Some also have amazing body shapes that make them look like leaves or branches.


To hunt, mantis either sit and wait for an insect to pass by, or they stalk them. They strike so quickly—about one-twentieth of a second—you probably couldn't even see it happen. It's just a blur of motion.


They can turn their heads 180 degrees—an entire half circle. When a pair of praying mantis mate, the female sometimes chomps off the male's head.
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