Independant Study


Add a Realistic Rainbow

In the gradient tool, I used the Russell's Rainbow setting. Then I dimmed it using the Gaussian Blur Filter. Which made a huge difference. (dirrections from photoshopessentials)
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The dreaded aging process... defining lines, saging skin, and lighter hair. I was able to use a large amount of tools to make Reese Witherspoon look older. Using the clone stamp tool I thinned her eyebrows. It took me forever to figure out the liquify tool to make her face sag.. then my favorite part. Hair color change. I made her hair a grey-white color using the mask tool: hue/saturation.
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Evil Eye

To make the outter eye darker I used the Burn tool and to make the inner eye lighter I used the Dodge Tool. Just those two things made a huge difference! The most important thing though was the lighting. I went to filter-render-lighting effects. I made it red because red is a evil color to me! That really finished off the effect.
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