Analyzing Abstract Concepts

By Cameron and Matthew E.


Denotation: Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Connotation: Hateful, discrimination,

Association: Shallow thinking, hate.

Shows that people are uneducated, usually towards a race. It alludes to a group of people that are not willing to talk to people of different religion or race because they are scared. Also, shows that peoples parents taught them wrong.

Example in "To kill a mockingbird" In chapter 6 when Jem gets shot at by Mr. Radley automatically assumes it was an African American in his yard even though he didn't know for sure.

Example in our society: Arabic people. Americans are somewhat frightened by Arabics because of a negative connotation related to terrorists

In our picture you can see that one fish is separated from the other due to the color of this fish. We thought this was a good representation because the word "prejudice" is typically used from a racism standpoint. Both in real life and in To kill a mockingbird this picture does a good job to symbolize the word "prejudice".


Denotation: Strength

Connotation: Bravery

Association: Military, fearlessness

This word represents someone or a group of people who are willing to do what is right, even against adversity. People who are courageous are usually good people who are making things right in a difficult way. These people are usually willing to risk their lives for others. In To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus stands in the path of a rabid dog and kills it even though he is older and deteriorating, a good example of courage. In real life a perfect example of courage is the military. They go in to dangerous places to defend our country even if survival isn't guaranteed.

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Denotation: Required

Connotation: Something you have to do, even if you don't want to.

Association: Responsibility

Obligation relates to having to do something, even if it is against your will. It is a complete requirement that you must do no matter the circumstances.

In To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem had an obligation to read to Ms. Dubrose after he destroyed her rose bushes. Even though he didnt want to, he had to.

People feel obligated to do their school work, even though some of it is entirely pointless. Since we want to make good grades, we are obligated to do our work.

We feel obligated to do our homework to make good grades, impress parents even though it may be difficult and very long. We don't want to do it but we feel obligated to do it.


Denotation: Something that is done wrong to someone.

Connotation: When someone is treated unfairly.

Association: Racism, Homophobes

Injustice is when someone is treated unfairly because of a prejudicial reason. This is usually the color of their skin or a belief that they have.

There is injustice in TKAM when Tom Robinson is found guilty. He was entirely innocent, but he was given injustice because he was black. He was given injustice and was not given a fair trial because of his skin color.

A real life example is the police. They sometimes give out injustice to people for no reason, other than religion or skin color.

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