Find out which YL oils your body needs the most!!

Not only do these transdermal scans give you the list of the YL oils your body needs the most, but it will also give you clues as to what your body is deficient in, and what health issues need to be addressed! (Even before you know it yourself!) Every scan has been exact in the specific needs of each individual! Come get yours done!

Get Your Scan at Elizabeth's Class!


1. Host a class!

2. Bring two friends (who haven't already been invited by the host), to the class!!

3. If you are one of the two friends coming along, you invite two more!

4. If you are in our line of sponsorship, and are on ER.

5. If you are registering as a new member and/or ER, on the day of that class

6. Everyone else can get $5 off (Regularly $20)