The U.S. Constitution

The 7 principles


We the people have the right to vote for our representatives.

Ex. "We the people."

Popular Sovereignty

The people are the governments power.

Ex. "Amendment 4,


The powers are divided and shared between the national government and the states.

Ex. "The federal government is in charge."

Limited government

The constitution limits the powers of the government.

Ex. "The president can't just get a free hamburger because he's the president, there's limit on government."

Separation of Powers

The federal power is shared between the three branches of government.

Ex. "Legislative, judicial, executive."

Checks and Balances

All of the branches check on each other.

Ex. "Each branch makes sure neither one is great than the other."

Individual Rights

The right you get born as an American.

Ex. "The have the bill of rights if u are an American citizen."