By H.P lovecraft


Searching the crumbling corridors for anyone. Only finding noiseless rats bats and spiders as the only life forces. Never knowing where he was born or any memory of his childhood. He was sick of being in the castle he leaves to try and find life but as he gets distance away from the castle the tree shade grows denser so he tries to run back to the castle. But it has been lost in the dense shade. Making his way to this tower that is ruined but reaches above the forest. Then he reaches this passage in the tower that leads to a room filled with light. The screams where horrifying, people stumbling against the wall to reach the exit. Walking up to this golden arched door way that leads to a somewhat similar room. Then he realizes that this doorway is a mirror and he is dead and decaying. It makes sense why everyone would run away from a beast like him.


When he is in the chambers he makes the decision to leave because he really wants to find people and that reveals his character by needs to talk to somebody and find someone. Also when he says I haven't lived in years make it feel like he doesn't know where he was born and no memory of his childhood. I thought he was really dead because he couldn't remember anything.


Develops suspense by using good vocab and making him creep closer and closer to the who he really is. Also making this deep dark secret which he wont discover for awhile and you are left with nothing but thinking he is really alive and is decaying.