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Dear Lauren:

I am torn between two decisions, going with my boyfriend, and escaping to the Wilds, or staying the good girl i am. Helping my aunt and staying home, instead of sneaking out to see the love of my life. I do not know what to do because I love him so much. Also, I cannot leave my aunt since she took me under her wing. My mom died when I was little, so i had no where to go but with my aunt. She thinks I'm this goody goody, but I sneak out all the time at night to see him. Even though, I take the chance of getting caught. I just want to know what the best thing to do is; go with the love of my life or stay with my aunt. Can you help me? Please and thank you!

- Torn between two decisions

Dear Torn between two decisions:

I think you should go with your boyfriend. If you think he is the love of your life, then go! You have lived with your aunt almost your whole life, you have done so much for her, and it is time to leave. It is okay to do what you want, just make sure it is what your want for the rest of your life because there is no going back.

- Lauren

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Perfect Actors to Play the Perfect People

Alex Sheets' Tragic Death

Alex Sheets wanted to be remembered as a rebel. By the end, he didn't care what people thought about him. He just wanted to be himself, living in the Wilds. He was running away with Lena being chased by regulators and police officers. When Lena jumps over the fence struggling, she takes longer than planned, and the regulators get to Alex before he can get over. He is shot down and KIA. infected without Deliria, Lena goes on to live in the Wilds without him, missing him everyday.

The Cure - For Everyone!

Everyone needs the cure, it's not optional. If your get infected with Deliria earlier than 18 years of age; you may have to get it early despite the circumstances. Deliria is the disease of love. It will infect you at an early age if you are not careful. If you see signs of symptoms, be sure to tell someone, and get your procedure early.

Help Wanted for Grocery Store Clerk!

Lena's uncle owns a grocery store, and she's leaving for college soon, so he needs a new replacement. It's $10.00 per hour for stocking shelf's , ringing up customers, sweeping floors, and having a great attitude. We would greatly appreciate it for more than one employee. If you are interested please call the number below! Have a great day!

Lauren Bailey - Pre-AP Newspaper