Pause to read.

Teresa A.

I like this quote because it is from the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter books are my favorite books so far that i have read.

Me as a reader

10 things i like about reading.

1. I like how when I read some certain books it seems like i'm actually in it.

2. Harry Potter is my favorite series.

3. If someone tells me to read a book I probably wont read it.

4. I only read the Harry Potter series because I got paid 10 dollars for each book.

5. The first series I have ever read was Judy Moody.

6. I use to be in love with the series the Magic Tree House.

7.Sometimes I fake that I don't like reading when I actually do.

8. I'm in love with the Twilight books.

9. I have never read any of the Maze Runner books.

10. I have read the Diary of the Wimpy Kids series.


I'm choosing the book happy because it is a fun song. Its a song that makes me feel happy when I get a new book or read a book.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

What I am reading.

Right now I am reading the book series Harry Potter. I'm on the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

What I read last.

The last book I read was Maze Runner. The Maze Runner is really interesting because its full of action and suspense.

My Favorite Author.

My Favorite J. K. Rowling. I like that author because she wrote my favorite books Harry Potter. She is a very good writer.

Book Recommendation sites I chose this site because they are really cool books on it for kids around my age.
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