Savannah Biome

Isabelle Ruban G Block Science


Some of the activities you can do are
bird watching,
rafting and
a safari ride.

physical landscape

The savannah is a very warm, and it's a dry ecosystem

Where is the african savannah located?

The african savannah is located in different parts of Africa

What are the abiotic factors of the savannah?

Some of the abiotic factors would be
dead grass,
dead trees

What are three native plants in the african savannah?

One of the African Savannah plants are the Senegal gum, that plant only lives only where there is a little rain.
The second plant is the Bermuda grass, the Bermuda grass grows in open and dry spots, which is perfect in the savannah.
the third plant is the candelabra tree. this tree needs to grows in the dryness. This tree has Poiseness ends on it.

Three specific native animals and their adaptations to live in the Savannah?

There are a lot of different animals that live in the savannah. one of the animals are the african elephants, the elephants can live in the savannah because they are so big so animals won't be able to eat them.

Another animal would be the African wild dog. These dogs can live in the savannah because they can live in really hot areas.

then we have the Black mamba, the black mamba snake likes to live in open and low habitats, and areas that have grass so it can hide and find pray easily.

What is the average precipitation in the Savannah?

The average precipitation is 2.2 cm per month.

What are the average high and low temperatures?

the lowest is 19 c and the highest is 31 c

What are some Supplies/gear that tourists should bring to make their trip more enjoyable

You should bring, shorts, t-shirts, rain boots, sneakers, a water bottle, a camera for pictures and your family. Everything is more enjoyable when you have friends and family with you.

What are some threats to this biome?

Some of the threats are global warming, diseases, drought and urban areas going into grass land.

Are there any endangered species?

Yes, African Wild Dogs, Black Rhinoceros, Golden-cheeked Warbler, and Giant Anteater are just a couple of the animals that are endangered

Why is this biome globally important?

The savannah is an important biome because it's home to a lot of special animals, that are unique and endangered and important to the world, they all have a special function and purpose.