January Parent Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Jan. 6th-KNE-PTO 6:00 p.m. meeting

Jan. 8th-Grade cards emailed to parents

Jan. 18th- No School Holiday

Jan. 20th-6:00 p.m. Board of Education Meeting

Jan. 29th-Character Recognition Day

Counselor's Corner

January K-5 Lesson

Week 1

Class Discussion- Responsibility

Class Book Reading- The Messy Monster by Michael J. Pelowski

Activity- I am responsible for me! How am I responsible?

January K-5 Lesson

Week 2

Class Discussion- Goal Setting

Class Book Reading- Squirriel's New Year's Resolution by Pat Miller

Activity- Going for the Goal!

We will also have our Community Character Recognition Jan. 22, 7:00 Varsity Basketball at KNHS for our November and December character kids. Admission is free to those character students/families!

Notes from Nurse Crystal

Friendly reminder to all parents to help our students remember to bring masks to school each day. It is also a really good idea to have an extra masked stored in the student back packs each day.

January 11th-15th: New students will participate in a health screening.

Big picture

KNE is a Leader in Me School

Our teachers are trained to develop and instill the 7 habits of highly effective people within our students through a comprehensive curriculum. This includes academic curriculum as well as social-emotional lessons to develop the whole child. Our mission is to create leaders with the skills to be successful students in middle school and high school. We know that a strong foundation of healthy habits at a young age will build leaders for the future. Our Leader in Me Program is guaranteed to improve our students in the classroom, in the sports arena, and ultimately in the work force. Our students will be prepared to productive citizens in this great coun
Big picture

Scoreboards/WIG walls & Data Notebooks

During the second semester our teachers will be building "scoreboards" or what are called W.I.G. walls. A Wildly Important Goal, W.I.G. for short, has been the focus of our building all year. Every single student in our building has been taught how to write goals. Each student has written at least one academic goal and one personal goal for the year. The teachers help the students track these goals on a tracking sheet. Several grades have chosen to track their goals electronically. All of the goals are recorded in a Data Notebook. Some call the data notebook a Leadership Notebook.

Please feel free to ask your child about their goals for school. Have them show you your their tracking sheet. Our teachers will build a scoreboard to encourage our kids to strive and reach their goals by the end of the year. We hope the scoreboard/W.I.G. wall makes this process fun for our kids.