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Hi Parents!

I was so excited to see snow coming down on Tuesday! I'm sure your teens were excited too when they had a two hour delay the next day. With winter in full swing now, the Student Ministry has a lot going on. Take a moment to look through this e-mail for updates and information about events.

Jr. High Winter Retreat

The Jr. High Winter Retreat was last weekend, and it was a great time! I love this weekend because it is 100% relationship building with the teens. My new nickname with some of the jr. higher's now is "Ech Dale"...it's a long story. What I also love, is seeing the teens grow in their relationship with God. One of the most impactful moments for me was seeing one of our teens, who I know is struggling with life right now, raise their hands to God during worship on the last day. I absolutly love that weekend, and am looking forward to the Sr. High Winter Retreat, which is February 5-7.

Jr. High Night

When: 6-8pm Wednesday, January 20

Where: Trinity E.C. Church

What: We will be playing some fun "Minute To Win It" games, and then having a question answer time about God.

Purpose: January is Jr. High month. This Jr. High Night will be serving two purposes. The first, will be for Jr. Higher's to invite friends out to an event that is geared just for them. The second, will be to encourage those who went on the Winter Retreat to keep their spiritual momentum going. Many times when teens get back from a retreat, they are on a spiritual high. A few days/weeks go by and they get caught back up in the world and lose what they had. I specifically planned to have Jr. High Night on that Wednesday to help them grow closer to God.

Board Game Night at YG

When: 6-8pm Sunday, January 24

Where: Trinity E.C. Church

What: Bring a board game or cards, and a snack or drink.

Why: Similar to the Themed Nights we had in the Fall, there will be Themed Nights in the Winter. This night will be more laid back and hopefully be an event that teens can invite friends out it.

Snow Tubing Cancelled

Due to the warm weather that is projected over the next 15 days, I had to cancel snow tubing. Ironically, I cancelled this event last year because of a massive snow storm. Instead of snow tubing, I have decided to do an Ice Skating Night. Since I need time to promote it and get volunteers to drive...hint hint wink wink...I pushed the event back a Sunday. So the Ice Skating Night will be on Saturday, January 30. Drop off and Pick up will be at Trinity, and we will be going to Center Ice in Oaks. See details below.

Ice Skating Night

Saturday, Jan. 30th, 6:30-10:30pm

100 Pennco Road

Oaks, PA

Drop off/Pick up: Trinity E.C. Church 6:30/10:30

Cost: $7 // This includes cost for rentals // Bring extra for the snack bar // All students will hand me their money once we get down there.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

2016 Parental Consent Forms

If you have not handed in your 2016 Parental Consent Form, please click on the attachment below, fill it out, and place it in my mailbox on Sunday.

Super Bowl Party at The Maurer's

Sunday, Feb. 7th, 6pm

2597 Cherry Court

Gilbertsville, PA

Drop off/Pick up: Jim & Lynda Maurer's House (See Address above)

What: Bring a snack or drink

When: February, 7 (6pm-?) You can pick your teen up whenever, but the event will officially be done when the game is over.

Why: I am hoping to make this an outreach event by getting teens excited to invite friends because of some cool giveaways.

Work Camp 2016

Sign Ups Open Next Sunday!

When: June 26-July 2

Where: Virginia Beach, VA

Cost: $299 (Fundraisers will be available to help lower cost)

Who: We will be working through an organization called Team Effort

Leaders: I have two adults already signed up as leaders. Contact me as soon as possible if you are interested or have any questions about going as an adult leader.

General Information

YG Teaching Series: Last Sunday at Youth Group I introduced our new teaching series to the teens. We will be going through the book of Romans. This book offers a lot to both mature Christians and teens who are just being introduced to Christianity.

Parent Meeting: As mentioned before in the last e-mail, there is going to be a Parent Meeting from 12-1:30 on Sunday, January 24. Lunch will be provided and will last from 12:00-12:30.

Winter Sports: I am putting together my schedule for attending teen's winter sports games. If you have a teen who is participating in any winter sport/band, I would love to come by and watch one of their games.

Any Questions: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.