Miss Roberts Class News

February Happenings

Important Dates

February 10th- 100th day of Kindergarten Celebration (please help your child collect 100 items and send them to school.)

February 10th-14th- Parent Teacher Conferences (please sign up for a conference time)

February 13th- Valentine's Day Party (feel free to join us for our Valentine's party from 10-11)

Classroom Accomplishments

Our class has been practicing counting by 10's to our goal of 100. With our 100th day of kindergarten approaching, each student is super excited to count all the way to 100.

Each student is making great strides with their reading. We have mastered our ABC's and letter sounds. These past few months we have been taking our knowledge of letter sounds and blending the sounds to create words. By doing this, each student is able to come across a "tricky" word and sound it out. I am so very proud of everyone and the focus that they have to figure out words.

We are now extending our knowledge of sounds into our writing. Each student is working on writing 1-2 sentences on their own. We have had fun finding cool pictures, then writing a story. With Valentine's day approaching, we are working on writing letters to our friends. We all enjoy receiving a letter!!

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