Andrew Jackson

The Tyrant himself a zero...

Killing the national bank

Jackson tried to enforce that we kill the national bank because it did not favor in the mid class or the lower class. It favored in the wealthy class so Jackson killed the national bank and the economy didn't drop as down but it still hurt it a little.

trail of tears

The Cherokee Indians went into court to fight for there land and they sued against Georgia John Marshall was the court judge at that time and he ruled the Cherokee to stay on there land we cant move them well when Jackson herd about this he flipped a can he disregarded the case and he moved the Cherokee west in northern Oklahoma.The Indians did not resist.

Spoils System

The spoils system happened when Jackson came to office he was favored by the poor because that is were Jackson originated. He was poor when he was a child and he made himself smart by going to school and learning. So he was favored by the unhealthy that way. Well he wanted to pay those people back for voting for him by giving them positions when they were not experienced. Bad because then you have people not knowing how to run that specific position

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency