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October 17, 2016

Digital Citizenship Week - Oct 16-22

This week is an important week in the 21st century. It is Digital Citizenship Week. A generation or so ago, we did not have to think about being a good digital citizen because the world wasn't so connected. Now the world is an open exciting place to explore via technology. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. Whoever is reading your posts on the other end is a real person. Watch the video below and think about it.
A real person, a lot like you

Chrome App - PDF Mergy

Need to combine several docs into one PDF? Use PDF Mergy. This Chrome app can be found in the Web Chrome Store and added to your apps in Chrome. It uses docs from your computer or Google Drive. Check it out!
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New Books in The Unicorn Library

App of the Week - Google Keep

I am a list person. I have to write things down so I can keep up with the many things on my plate. Google Keep is a great app for helping do that! It is available on IOS so you can use it on your iPhone and iPad. Plus it is an app in Google Chrome! Use your Google account to syncs across devices to keep you updated on whatever device you are using.

Make lists you can check off as you complete the tasks. Color code the sticky notes for projects or aspects of your life (school, family, faith, etc). Share notes with other people for collaboration or shared events. Great and useful tool!

And it is on the whitelist so students can use it too!

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Remember we are here to help!

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