Surfing, Sun tan and a Sweet Sucker Deal

When is it a good time to visit Hawaii?

Any time of the year it's good to visit. The average temperature ranges mostly between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer- April to November is a bit warmer and drier. Winter, is a bit cooler, but there's no ice round our water. There's surfing all year long!

Best Surfing Spots

What are the best surfing spots I can reach?

The most popular surf spots are located in The Big Island (Hawaii), The Valley Isle (Maiu), The Garden Place (Kauai) and The Gathering Place (Oahu). Hawaii is the capital of Hawaiian surfing. Luckily, Hawaii is practically a wave magnet, so there are plenty of surf spots for all. Beginners, as well as advanced riders can surf almost all 365 days of the year.


When you are riding inside of the wave, it's really not the universe pulling you in, but the universe being pulled in with you. -Jake Cronelpesi