Jaguar Junction - November 2022

Jardine Middle School

A note from your Principal - Mr. Haire

Thank you to all the families that came out to support our community by providing the staff the Taco Bar for conferences as well as meeting with our staff to discuss the progress of your students while they are in our care. The school to home partnership is so crucial for the success of each of our students. We appreciate your ongoing support.

As we head into the next month before winter vacation, we will be completing our round 2 of academic testing. In December, our students will be taking the MAP assessment in math and reading which will measure their progress from the beginning of the year MAP assessment. This data will give parents great feedback on progress as well as teachers important data as we track students to provide whole group and small group instruction. In addition, we will be participating in the Fastbridge assessments in reading for those who did not pass the beginning of the year Fastbridge. Although these assessments are not for grades, the student's job is to do their absolute best on these assessments to give a true picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Like going to the doctor, we have to have the true symptoms of what's happening to diagnose the right medicine for our students and that starts with a student's "best".

A note from your Assistant Principal - Mr. Haag

Harvesters Mobile Food Pantry -

Did you know that Jardine Middle School hosts a Harvester’s Mobile Food Pantry on the second Saturday of every month? We do!! On the second Saturday of every month, from 9:00 am until supplies run out (normally around 10:00 am) we host a drive through food pantry. Food that is given away varies each month but normally includes lots of fruits and vegetables and then a variety of different items ranging from dairy products to sometimes meat products. If you are a family in need, or know of a family in need, you can come and wait in line to pick up food. Our line starts at the southeast corner of the building (next to our visitor parking) and runs north up the circle drive and down past the elementary school entrance. Most people enter by the elementary school off of 30th street and get in line from there. Unless there is dangerous weather or freezing conditions, the pantry goes on as scheduled. For those who would like to volunteer to help hand out food, please contact Mr. Haag or Mr. Haire for information. We are always looking for people who can help out giving to our community members. This also goes for older students looking for volunteer hours.

After School Program -

We offer an After-School program from 3-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays most school weeks. Students are expected to spend the entire session at tutoring unless they are excused early with parent permission. If they are attending for homework help/tutoring, students must have something to work on. Space is limited so sign up needs to be a week in advance. If you would like more information or wish to sign up, please email Mr. Haag at This program consists of homework help, tutoring, extensions activities, etc. We will have this program all through November with the exception of November 23, 24, and 25.

Counselor Corner - Mr. Falk & Ms. Waldy

Red Ribbon was recognized during the last week of October.

The theme was “Celebrate Life, Live Drug Free”

Staff and students participated in a spirit week in which they followed daily dress-up themes to show their support against the use of drugs. The students watched a video which included the story of Enrique Camarena. This story led to Red Ribbon Week being recognized every year in schools across the nation.

Naviance News

During the first and second nine weeks Mr. Falk and Ms. Waldy are working with students to complete assessments, surveys, academic plans and lessons. To help parents stay involved, we will be listing them in the newsletter. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Falk or Ms. Waldy

6th Grade

Career Cluster Finder Assessment

MS Scavenger Hunt Survey

Identify Your Favorite Cluster


What Do You Know Lesson

My Foundation


Using My Strengths

My Study Plan

Goal Setting

My Study Skills

What is College?

College Myths

Income & Expenses

7th Grade

Career Key Assessment

Add Careers to Your List

Create a Personal/Social SMART Goal


What Makes Me Unique

Overcoming Obstacles

Understanding My Interests

How I Learn

Habits for Success

Getting Involved

Career Scavenger Hunt

Getting Ready for College

What College Cost

8th Grade

Learning & Productivity Assessment

Exploring Interests & Careers Survey

Retake Career Key Assessment

Create a Career SMART Goal

Create a Four-Year Course Plan


Connecting Interests and Careers

My Personal School Support Network

Talking with My Family

What’s Your Road

May Career Path

Facing Fears about College

What Colleges Require

My Financial Aid Options

High School Pre-Enrollment

Mr. Falk has started to go into 8th grade science classes to work with students on the pre-enrollment process for high school. This process includes learning what classes are required to graduate, selecting course requests for 9th grade and completing a four-year course plan in Naviance. Please have conversions about this process with your student and contact Mr. Falk if you have any questions.

Activities - Mr. Snyder

Vince Lombardi once said, "We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. "

Our fall season has ended. The football team ended up as City Champions with a victory over Chase. Our Volleyball team finished fourth in the city after a tough match against Landon. The girl's tennis team won one city championship and played hard the entire season. Cross Country had a great turn out, our team won the City Championship for the first time for Jardine.

Up-coming events for our sports program are Girls Basketball and Boys Soccer. The first game is on November 2nd against Eisenhower for the boys soccer team and girls basketball will play Landon on November 1st.

Our Drama department has been working hard on our school musical ““Shake with the Zombie." You may buy advance tickets to attend or pay at the door. This year we are not able to have a dinner so the performances will be November 17 and 18 at 6:30pm. Tickets will cost $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for students and children 5 and under free.

A note from our Social Worker - Ms. Sparks

Five Tips for Students Returning to School After COVID-19

While I know we have been back at school for over a year since the beginning of shutdowns due to the Covid-19 outbreak, It does seem students are still struggling to adjust to the day in and day out challenges of attending middle school. I found an article that gives suggestions for students who are still struggling to adjust. Take a minute to read the information below to ensure your students are practicing good habits.

(THE HUN SCHOOL OF PRINCETON 176 Edgerstoune Road Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 609.921.7600.) (2020)

1. GET BACK IN A ROUTINE — INCLUDING BREAKS AS NEEDED Routines give us the predictability and structure we crave in times of uncertainty. Even in a pre-pandemic world, routines were an integral part of helping each student excel. Now, having an established back-to-school routine will be more important than ever.From wakeup habits and favorite breakfast treats to study zones and regular bedtime rituals, stick with a routine that helps you feel your best. Getting back to regular habits through the summer will help you ease back into school. Don't forget to build in time for fun and recognize if you need a break to relax, too.

2. SHARE YOUR CONCERNS AND QUESTIONS WITH A TEACHER OR COUNSELOR/H4> Support staff are at school (counselor/social worker) to provide the support and care you need. They are your advocates and allies. If you're feeling overwhelmed or have any concerns as you return to school, they are in your corner. Whether you're daunted by your workload or simply feeling anxious about readjusting to campus life, you can share openly and honestly with your teachers.

3. STAY FLEXIBLE We understand that flexibility is easier said than done! However, we're all sharing the same boat. Everyone is learning and working together to adapt in order to create a safe, supportive space for our community. Keep in mind that things may change quickly, which will make positivity and a flexible mindset your greatest assets.

4. FIND WAYS TO CONNECT WITH FRIENDS While safety should always come first, there are plenty of ways to connect with friends. Reach out with texts, seek out conversations with peers to create new friendships, or invite a friend over for a movie night.

Now's the time to build strong hygiene habits that will feel like second nature by the time the fall semester begins. While we'll have strict measures in place to ensure safety and sanitization, you can do your part by practicing washing your hands and avoiding touching your face.

While all of these tips are familiar, revisiting them may be helpful for your student if they are still struggling to adjust.

Chromebook Information & Library News - Ms. Gilliland

  • Thanks to the Government allocation of ESSER funds, our library is able to order about 100 new books that were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic years. This will help replenish our popular titles that are constantly checked out

  • Students have been using the electronic card catalog to put books on hold, access ebooks, and create a favorites list.

  • Students have been using a variety of reading strategies using World Book Online about Halloween, Autumn, Thanksgiving, and Apples. After reading the articles the students complete a TEAM Kahoot game.

  • After Conferences, the library will be transformed into the 2nd Floor Cafe. During this two week period, students will experience a restaurant type format where they will be seated, have a menu, and TASTE three new book genres. This experience opens students up to a variety of literature based on genres. On the menu this year is granola bars, fruit snacks, and pretzels. Each student will also receive an after dinner mint at the conclusion of class. BIG thanks to Micah Ansell, Masyn Chard, and Amirah Johnson for helping with the decorations.

  • If your student is having chromebook issues, please tell them to visit the library to talk to Ms. Gilliland

  • Each student at Jardine is allowed to check out up to 3 library books at a time. The students are allowed to checkout anytime they have permission from their teachers.

Musical - Ms. Rowe

Horror and hilarity abound when Mongo, a rock-chomping beast from the center of the earth, connects with bright-eyed Pete Berserker, proprietor of Pete’s Luncheonette. This diner, ’Home of the Exotic Milkshakes,’ is the hangout for all of the students after school. But things change when Mongo bursts in! Boy, can he cause chaos, especially when he controls the kids’ thoughts and alters his shape.

Join us to learn the exciting outcome in “Shake with a Zombie!

Auditions have concluded, parts have been posted, and practice has started!!! Email Tracy Rowe with questions:

Performances are November 17-18, 2022, 6:30 pm, Jardine Middle School Commons. $5/adults, $3/students, children age 5 and under are free.

Contact Tracy Rowe,

LIKE the Jardine Middle School Drama Facebook page!

Band Notes - Ms. Rowe

The JMS Orchestras will perform their Winter Concert on Monday, December 5 at 6:30 pm in the commons.

The Winter Chorus Concert will take place on Tuesday, December 6th at 6:30 pm in the Jardine Commons. All 6th Grade Chorus classes and 7th and 8th Grade Choir will perform.

Please join us for the Winter Band Concert on Monday night, December 12th at 6:30 pm in the Gym. The 6th Grade Band and the 7th and 8th Grade Band will perform. The concert is free.

The 7th and 8th Grade Band will perform for the Girls Basketball Classic at Highland Park High School on December 14th. The time will be announced.

“LIKE” the Jardine Middle School Band Facebook page!

Language Arts - The Language Arts Team

6th Grade: Ms. Appelhanz, Ms. duBois Ms. Wooten: Unit 2 – We’ll be working on Author’s Purpose, Connotation/Denotation, Summarization, Idioms, Vocabulary, New novel studies: Appelhanz: Tuck Everlasting, duBois: Stargirl; Wooten: Hoot.

7th Grade: Ms. Bisconer, Ms. Morlock, Ms. Wooten: Unit 1 will wrap up in the first week of November and we eagerly await to see the progress our students have made on inference, theme, and plot. Unit 2 will begin with a focus on context clues, root words, and connotation. Novel Study: The Giver.

8th Grade: Ms. Bisconer, Ms. Watson, Ms. Pumford: We are moving into our

second unit! It's a spooky Halloween themed unit where we'll explore horror legends like Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. We're going to evaluate the theme of a story and discuss the impact of figurative language techniques and literary devices such as foreshadowing and suspense.


Newcomer Program: Ms. Shelton: Our Newcomer students will kick-off November with a celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Following Dia de los Muertos, our Newcomer 1 class will begin Unit 4: “Everything You Do”. In this unit we will focus on present tense action verbs. Students will get the chance to practice verb phrases by playing the Charades. The Newcomer 2 class will be finishing Unit 3: On The Job. We are learning about different jobs, and the tools that each worker uses. We will practice phonics focusing on the short e, sh, and ck sounds. Our grammar focus will be on answering yes/no questions.

Nuestros estudiantes Newcomer comenzarán noviembre con una celebración del Día de los Muertos. Después del Día de los Muertos, nuestra clase Newcomer 1 comenzará la Unidad 4: "Todo lo que haces". En esta unidad nos centraremos en los verbos de acción en tiempo presente. Los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de practicar frases verbales jugando Charadas. La clase Newcomer 2 terminará la Unidad 3: En el trabajo. Estamos aprendiendo sobre diferentes trabajos y las herramientas que usa cada trabajador. Practicaremos la fonética enfocándonos en los sonidos cortos e, sh y ck. Nuestro enfoque gramatical será responder preguntas de sí/no.

Наші новоприбулі студенти почнуть листопад зі святкування Dia de los Muertos. Після Dia de los Muertos наш клас для новачків 1 розпочне розділ 4: «Усе, що ви робите». У цьому розділі ми зосередимося на дієсловах дії в теперішньому часі. Учні отримають можливість відпрацювати дієслівні фрази, граючи в Шаради. Клас Новачок 2 буде закінчувати Розділ 3: На роботі. Ми дізнаємося про різні роботи та інструменти, якими користується кожен працівник. Ми будемо практикувати фонетику, зосереджуючись на коротких звуках e, sh та ck. Наша граматична увага буде зосереджена на відповідях на запитання «так/ні».


ESOL Elective: Ms. Scott: We are beginning a new project that focuses on how individuals can have an impact on others. We will also explore ways students can make a difference in their communities and different ways people can show strength. Our skill focus will be the writing and research processes so that students can show their learning in multiple formats.

Science - Ms. Abellon, Mr. Lobatos, Mr. Jennings & Mr. Morris

6th Grade Science: The 6th graders will incorporate art in our science class as they create or design models of an atom. They explain how the periodic table organizes elements by their properties. Apply their Chemical processes concepts to analyze the relationship between forces and their effects on matter. We will also learn that magnets exert forces at a distance, and attract or repel each other depending on the orientation of their magnetic poles.

7th Grade Science: Parents- Thank you for coming to the parent-teacher conferences, it was nice meeting many of you. The 7th grade science team is concluding its Energy/Waves Unit and moving to learning all about “Matter and its Interactions”- chemistry units. We will be learning about The Periodic Table of Elements, states of matter and their physical and chemical properties. We will also be doing some experiments to observe and learn about chemical reactions.

8th Grade Science: The class is finishing their learning about natural selection and how animals are able to adapt over time. Then we make a major change as the learning heads into outer space. We will start with the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. They will get a sense of how far away the Moon actually is from Earth, how the different stages are made that we see each night, and the role gravity plays in it all.

History Happenings - Mr. Jennings, Mr. Barrett, Ms. Miner & Ms. Morelli

6th Grade-

Sixth grade social studies is diving into the civilization of the ancient Egyptians. We will be looking at one of the longest lasting civilizations ever. Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms including pyramids, temples, gods, and more. Be on the look-out for information about your students Ancient Egyptian Projects.

7th Grade-

November finds the 7th grade Social studies classes working on the State Assessment, which is project based. Students have been examining Globalization and the pros and cons of it. Students will have 3 options to complete the assessment. Mid November we will be exploring the push and pull factors if immigration. There are many reasons immigrants come to America, and all of their experiences are different.

8th Grade-

Wow! It is hard to believe that we are quickly approaching the end of the 2nd quarter. We have so much to learn about in our American History Class. At the beginning of November, we will finish our discussion of the Jacksonian Era. The students will then be tackling the Manifest Destiny Unit. They will be learning about the expansion of the United States and the conflicts that came with it. This unit will take us through the month of November and into December.

Math - The Mighty Math Team

6th Grade Math- For the first half of November, 6th graders will be completing our unit on ratios. We have developed an understanding of the concept of a ratio and used ratio language between two quantities. Students are moving into an understanding of the concept of a unit rate and use rate language in the context of a ratio relationship. For example, "we paid $75 for 15 hamburgers, which is a rate of five dollars per hamburger." Also, students will use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world mathematical problems. They will use equivalent ratios, tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, or equations. At the end of the month, we will begin unit 3 on rational numbers.

7th Grade Math- In 7th grade math, we recently finished Module 1: Ratios and Proportional Relationships. Our classes will now begin Module 2: Rational Numbers. This module uses the Integer Game: a card game that creates a conceptual understanding of integer operations and serves as a powerful mental model students can rely on during the module. Students build on their understanding of rational numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers. Previous work in computing the sums, differences, products, and quotients of fractions and decimals serves as a significant foundation as well.

If your student needs extra help in math, or simply needs to complete assignments, please consider after school tutoring.

8th Grade Math- Students are introduced to the Pythagorean theorem, a² + b² = c², in Unit 3 which is a rule about right triangles.

The Pythagorean theorem will be used to determine the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle, or the missing leg of a right triangle, or to verify if a triangle is a right triangle or not. It will also be used to determine the distance of a non-vertical or non-horizontal line on a coordinate plane.

Pythagorean triples will also be discussed; these are a set of 3 positive integers that form a right triangle, such as 3, 4, and 5. If the Pythagorean theorem results in a number that is not a perfect square, then students will be asked to approximate the value of the number. Students will also be asked approximate the value of non-perfect squares and place them on a number line.

Things to work on with your student: They should automatically know

  1. The perfect squares and corresponding square roots, 1-15.

  2. The perfect cubes and corresponding cube roots, 1-5.

These will be non-calculator items on assessments.

8th Grade Algebra- Students in Algebra will be bridging the gap between 7th, 8th, and 9th grade math in the next upcoming unit; Unit 4 covers graphing linear equations and inequalities. Last year, students studied proportional relationships. These are relationships between two variables where their ratios are equivalent, that is one one variable is always a constant value times the other. That constant was known as the “constant of proportionality”, k. Now students will study linear relationships. These are relationships between two variables where there is a constant rate of change, m, but there are not equivalent ratios.

Here is an example of each.

Proportional relationship- You pay a set price for each ride at an amusement park. The total cost of your trip to the amusement park is determined by how many rides you go on. If you go on no rides, your cost is $0.

Linear relationship- You pay a set price to enter the amusement park and you also pay a set price for each ride at an amusement park. The total cost of your trip to the amusement park is determined by not only how many rides you go on, but also the cost to get into the park. If you go on no rides, your total cost is not $0.

Students will be relating different forms of a linear equation- from slope-intercept form, to point-slope form, to standard form. They will be asked to write, interpret, and graph information from various situations where the relationship between two variables will be explored.

How you can help at home:

Point out activities involving rate in everyday life (i.e., things you do that can be measured in terms of the time it takes to do them, such as number of words typed per minute or number of hot dogs sold per hour). Have a conversation about whether those rates are actually constant or whether we simply speak of the average rate as if it were constant. For example, do you actually drive through town at a constant rate of 30 mph, or is that your average rate? We will use constant rate often to mean average rate.

Give your student a rate, and have him/her determine an equivalent rate. For example, if you walk at an average rate of 3 miles per hour, how many hours will it take you to walk 9 miles?

PE - Mr. Coffman & Ms. Remer

Finished with 1st Quarter!!!

Hey Jardine Community!!! Conferences are over and a new quarter has begun. The PE department wanted to take this opportunity to revisit our rules and expectations in physical education class.



Prompt Prepared Participate Pleasant


  • Tennis shoes - No Crocs, boots, slides, sandals, etc.

  • Clothing you can comfortably participate in. No hoodies, coats, tight pants, shirts that dip down in the front, midriffs, tank tops etc.

  • No jewelry. Watches included.

  • Deodorant should be kept in bookbags.

  • If a student utilizes an inhaler, the necessary paperwork must be on file with the school nurse. Please mark inhalers with names.

*We will meet in the gym and place belongings against the walls. Each grade will have a designated spot to put their belongings every day.


  • A student is tardy to class if they are not in the gym when the bell rings.

  • Points will be deducted if you are not in your assigned squad spot when daily roll is being taken.


  • If a student is to be excused from participation for an extended period of time because of health or physical problems, a note from a medical doctor to the teacher will be necessary.


All grading will be done daily and meeting our district P.E. Standards.

Ways to earn daily points:

  1. Prompt - be on time to class…………………………... ..(1 point)

  2. Prepared - correct clothing/shoes worn for class ……….(1 point)

  3. Participate - participate in class activities ……………….(1 point)

  4. Pleasant - have a good positive attitude ………………...(1 point)

Each weekly assignment will be worth 20 points (4 points per day)


  • Students are to enter the far east door of the gym at the beginning of class. Girls will exit through the south gym doors. Boys will exit into the hallway from the boys’ locker room.

  • All students will go to the locker room at the end of class to use the restroom, put on deodorant, get drinks etc. You will be verbally dismissed from the locker rooms.

  • Do not handle any piece of equipment unless under direct supervision of the teacher.

  • HORSEPLAY will NOT be tolerated.

  • NO food including gum and candy. Water ONLY!

  • Last hour and bus riders.

  • Noise level in the locker room is 0-1.

  • CELLPHONES are to be kept in your bags at all times.

  • Teachers need to know immediately if there are ISSUES in class.

  • DRILLS: Secure campus, lockdown, fire drill and tornado drill procedures.

  • Talk through a day in PE. Roll, warm-ups, universal signal, explanation of activity, 10-minute bell, locker rooms, dismiss form locker rooms and exit out the designated doors.

  • Practice universal P.E. signal.

  • Daily class leaders.

We also have ended the quarter with some fitness testing. We had some great marks and set some new records. Some highlights of the testing were Landon Snyder and Juliannna Savago, set or tied the 600M run/walk record. Julianna’s time was 1:45 and Landon’s time was 1:29.

Art - Ms. Latham

In October, students have been busy learning and connecting with artists and culture. We recently finished our Tim Burton inspired self portraits. Students were introduced to the world of Tim Burton and learned how he transformed his signature illustration style into a multi million dollar Hollywood career. Following Tim Burton we have now shifted our focus to connecting art with culture through the introduction of Dia De Los Muertos. Students are working hard to create artwork that is reflective of this tradition, as well as learning about symmetry and tradition patterns, and the wax resist technique. We will have our artwork hung for our annual art display. This is a cross curriculum unit in collaboration with our English Language and New Commer classrooms. Please come to C hall through the month of November to view our collaborative art show.