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Did you know?

South Carolina was founded in 1633, by eight English Nobleman. The King of England King Charles the II granted them a Royal Charter also known as Royal Properties and Charter of Carolina. When it came to naming this great colony there was no name more fitting than naming it after a king. Well Three Kings, King Charles IV of France and King Charles I and King Charles II of England.
A great place to hang your wig. From our great weather and bearable winters, to our land who wouldn't want to be in South Carolina. Named after the great king of England, King Charles. It use to not be South Carolina and North Carolina it use to be just one big Carolina. but the land was so big that we had to split it up into two colonies. I have a farm and I grow corn and tobacco crops. Tobacco is my goldmine. So when people ask whats down here i tell them the best darn colony a colony fit for a King.