Personal News Letter

Haley Jones

friends & family

my friends are nice to me, i have a lot of friends. and I have a huge family i have so any cousins that i have never meet but i have a lot that i have met, i love my friends and family so much so glad i have them in my life.! my best friend forever is Mariah ive know her since 6th grade and we've been bffs since.


i have a lot of friends at school. im really smart.i dont ever get in trouble. and all my teachers love me. my fav subject in school is math because math is so easy. i sometime do my homework not all the time tho. And i love lunch because its when i get to eat and i love to eat. The school i go to is, Osage Trails Middle School.

Hobbies i like to do

oh man i love to eat and wath netflix when i get home from school! but i also love to play soccer and be outside all the time and play with the kids in my neighborhood. my fav food is tacos and guac! id die for some! i play on KcBlaze soccer club. And thats all i do in my free time. oh yeah and i love to be on my phone.!