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School Improvement News You Need To Know - September 2013

Curriculum Mapping - Key Points and Ideas

Teachers have started mapping their curriculum using a software program called Curriculum Manger from Mid-Iowa School Improvement Consortium (MISIC). This is a process that will take us several years to accomplish. What IS Curriculum Mapping? Why are we Curriculum Mapping? What does the Curriculum Map Look Like? What Are the Expectations for US?

  • Mapping is an ON-GOING process that is driven by collaborative conversations!
  • Mapping is a way of thinking about documenting what we currently do to implement out Grade Level Benchmarks (GLB's) and the Iowa Core Standards
  • Mapping demonstrates what we are using for instruction and assessment relative to our GLB's
  • Mapping is NOT just a thing we are doing - it is the beginning of critical conversations to help communicate what we are doing, whether it is working, and what we need to do differently
  • Mapping helps us to plan by units so new teachers have a starting point
  • Mapping provides evidence of our alignment to the Iowa Core
  • Mapping supports our district goals
  • Mapping shows the amount of instruction and practice our students are receiving on individual GLB's and their Components
  • Mapping documents our "intended curriculum" is our actual "enacted curriculum"
  • Mapping provides a framework or structure for our teaching on a daily basis
  • Mapping allows us to be reflective and assess how students perform on GLB's
  • Mapping should be the KEY to what we do in the Classroom!!!
  • Mapping is not required to be completed this school year - we continue to work on developing quality maps as we continue with curriculum work

District Leadership Team (DLT)

The District Leadership Team (DLT) is a leadership team of administrators and teacher leaders who discuss and make decisions related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development. The DLT meets the first Monday of each month. We communicate directly to the Sioux Central School staff, the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC), and the Board of Education (BOE).

Check out more information on the new DLT webpage.

The Thoughtful classroom teacher effectiveness framework

  1. Organization, rules, and procedures - how do you organize your classroom - rules and procedures?
  2. Positive Relationships - how do yo build these to promote learning?
  3. Engagement and Enjoyment - how do you motivate students to do their best?
  4. A Culture of Thinking and Learning - how do you develop this?
  5. Preparing Students for New Learning - How do you establish your purpose, activate prior knowledge and prepare them for learning?
  6. Presenting New Learning - How do you present New learning to engage students with the content?
  7. Deepening and Reinforcing Learning - How do you help students solidify their understanding and practice those skills?
  8. Applying Learning - How do students demonstrate their learning and what kinds of evidence do you collect to assess learning?
  9. Reflecting on and Celebrating Learning - How do you help students look back on their learning and refine their learning process?
  10. Professional Practice - How do you demonstrate a commitment to professional learning and contribute to your Learning Community?

*Source: School Administrator, January 2013

Skills Iowa

Schools are required to use multiple assessments to measure student progress on the Iowa Core Curriculum. Skills Iowa is aligned to the Iowa Core. Rhonda Justice from Skills Iowa will be here on September 11th to meet with teachers during their planning time. She will help teachers set goals and prepare for the upcoming benchmark assessments.

Teacher Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program was revised this summer. Check out the new Mentoring Program Handbook on this new webpage.

Professional Development Plan: 2013-2014

Be sure to check out the Professional Development Plan that focuses on the implementation of the Iowa Core.

Annual Progress Report (APR) Goals for 2013-2014:

#1 Reading: Sioux Central School’s average reading comprehension National Standard
Score (NSS) will show one year’s growth in grades 4-11 as measured by the
Iowa Assessment National Standard Score.

#2 Math: Sioux Central School’s average mathematics National Standard
Score (NSS) will show one year’s growth in grades 4-11 as measured by the
Iowa Assessment National Standard Score.

#3 Science: Sioux Central School’s average reading comprehension National Standard
Score (NSS) will show one year’s growth in grades 4-11 as measured by the
Iowa Assessment National Standard Score.

#4 Technology: 90% of the eighth grade students will be proficient on the 8th grade
Technology Literacy Assessment.

#5 Climate: Sioux Central will decrease the percentage of elementary and secondary
students who are absent 10 days or more of school.

3 Steps to 21st Century Learning!

3 Steps to 21st Century Learning and Student Success. GIving children a VOICE!!!

Upcoming Professional Development

Enjoy your day off on Friday, September 13th! Come rested and ready to work on our professional development day on Monday, September 16th. This is our first of four days this year with area schools. The elementary will focus on the Iowa Core math in Storm Lake at Buena Vista University. The secondary teachers will travel to Pocahontas and begin learning about and developing concept-based units. Look for more information coming out soon.

Sioux Central Community School District

Kevin Teno, Elementary Principal/Curriculum Coordinator