Women On The Front Line

Why Not?


Why Not?

When given the chance, women have been proven to be just as strong as men so why do the keep getting underestimated. Before joining the army, women know what they are getting themselves into so let them make there own decisions for themselves. Why would we be refusing to gain a stronger army?

Infringement On Our Rights

In the Equal Rights Amendments, it clearly states that one cannot be denied because of gender related reasons. When the United States Military denies a female an entry to the Front Lines for gender related reason, it is considered as an ignorance of the rights of any United States citizen. So basically, the United States is breaking their own rules and that is not fair in any way, shape, or form.

One Step Closer

Almost There

The U.S. Secretary of Defense has now temporarily abolished the ban on women serving in the army. The official statement will be stated later before the year of 2016. If there is no official ruling by 2016, women will no longer be able to serve on the Front Line and things will go back to be the way they used to be.
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