Wing School Technology

Technology happenings in our classrooms.

Grade 6 Chromebooks, Fakebook, Google Drive, Cyberbullying, Moby Max and the Hour of Code

Grade 6 completed a history project on Revolutionary War figures using Fakebook and Chromebooks to present research.. They learned Chromebook technology, math on Moby Max, their Google Drive along with digital comics of bullying solutions. Students are learning computer coding doing the Hour of Code for Computer Science Week.

Grade 5 Google Slides, Kidsblog, WebQuests, Wordle, Typing Club, Chromebooks, Google Drive, Moby Max and the Hour of Code

Grade 5 presented research regarding Colonial Days using collaborative Google Slides, posted comments on Kidsblog, did a Viking Webquest, used Wordle to describe themselves, learned Chromebook technology, created their own Blog site, practiced typing skills on the Typing Portal and did the Hour of Code for Computer Science Week.

Grade 4 Webquest, Google Drive, Moby Max, Typing Club, Spelling in Word and the Hour of Code

Grade 4 did a Webquest on the water cycle using science journals, math on Moby Max, spelling words and sentences in Microsoft Word, learning to type using the Typing Club Portal and doing an Hour of Code for Computer Science Week.

Grade 3 Typing Club, Microsoft Word, Digital Citizenship, Word Clouds, Math websites, Moby Max and the Hour of Code

Grade 3 learned about Digital Citizenship, typing practice using the Typing Club portal, used Word Clouds to describe themselves, Microsoft Word to write their “Room Rules” and spelling words and sentences. Using Moby Max to practice math facts and to practice spelling words. They are doing an Hour of Code for Computer Science Week

Grade 2 Microsoft Word, BrainpopJr, Powerpoint, Map Puzzles, Moby Max, Xtra Math and Word Clouds.

Grade 2 learned about Biomes using Brainpopjr, Moby Max and Xtra Math to practice math facts and Microsoft Word to type their spelling words. They used Powerpoints to learn about their ancestors and Map Puzzles to learn the countries of Europe and their ancestors. Word Clouds to practice spelling words

Grade 1 Microsoft Word,, Smartboard Notebooks, Digital Citizenship and the Hour of Code.

Grade 1 learned how to type their spelling words in Microsoft Word and print, digital citizenship to be safe on line and Smartboard notebook software about Bats. They are practicing math facts on ABCya website and Starfall to help with reading. They will be learning to Code using the Hour of Code during Computer Science Week.

Kindergarten Interactive Smartboard technology, mouse skills, and the Hour of Code

Kindergarten practices, math, patterns, shapes, Brainpopjr and coding using the Smartboard. Learned how to code during Computer Science Week using the Smartboard.

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Terri Palombo

Technology Integration Specialist