Amazing Austria

By: Mike Mathisen


Geography and Travel:

Even though Austria appears to be small to many, it actually isn't. Many may think that China is big but really if you think about it Austria is also large. Austria has an area of 83,871 km which is 115th in the World. This country has a climate of cool or temperate. Much of Austria is covered by the Alps which is a strand of mountains. Austria is surrounded by Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Government/ Foreign Policy:

Austria has a Federal Semi-Presidential Republic. Its leaders are Heinz Fischer (President), Werner Faymann (Chancellor), and Barbara Prammer (President of the National Council). Austria is part of the UN or United Nations. One of the greatest rights that a human has in Austria is that the government practices not torturing or beating anybody in their country. Another right they have is freedom of movement. This means that they can go anywhere they would like to.


Austria uses Euros, a paper money, as their currency. One Euro is equal to 1.38 US Dollars. These currencies are about the same. Austria's main exports include machinery, equipments, motor vehicles, paper, food, metal goods, iron, steel, and textiles. Austria's main imports are motor vehicles, metals, oil products, and food. Austria has a GDP per capita of 39969.68. I would compare Austria to the United States as a neutral country. I say this because the US has about a 1000 higher GDP than Austria.

Social and Ethnic Groups:

For Austria, children of 6 must start school and go for at least 9 years. The federal ministry of education pays and takes care of all of the fees needed for education. For women, any abuse on them in Austria creates a 3 month ban for the abuser from their house if their husband or another family member is abusing her. The government provides special medical care for children (Below 18). The literacy rate for this country is 98% can read and write. I can tell from this that most of the kids in Austria are in school. The main ethnicity in Austria is Austrians. There have not been many fights between the religions in Austria.

Religion, Language, and Country Flag:

The main religion practiced by the people in Austria is Roman catholic. A little less than 75% of people in Austria are Roman Catholic. The people of Austria peak German. The flag of Austria has been used since 1230. The reason for the colors is because a duke a long time ago got int a fight, so he had blood coming out, but when he lifted his coat, his white clothe shirt was untouched by it. The red means the blood, and the white stands for the clothe.

Traditional Holidays or Festivals, Traditional Clothing, and Food:

Austria celebrates lots of holidays. They celebrate New Years Day (January 1st) , Epiphany (January 6th) , assumption (August 15th), All Saints Day (November 1st) , Christmas (December 25th) , and Easter (April 20th). Austria also has over 200 festivals each year.

Chloropleth Maps:

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Austrian National Anthem - "Bundeshymne" (DE/EN)