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Sage S.

About Me

I have always loved reading! Reading informational books ,like Eyewitness, has always kept me reading or checking out another one because I finished the first one! I have had loved the mystery books that always make me put pieces together! I read to make me smile and open my imagine nation.

10 things about me.

1 I have read all 51 Magic Tree House books

2 I have never read any of the Twilight books

3 I really like the Eyewitness books

4 I often read when something is baking

5 I sometimes read with music on

6 I like history books more that modern day books

7 I have never read any of the Harry Potter series

8 I read Because of Winn-Dixie 4 times

9 I do not like animal based books

10 I always have a book to read on a car trip

Blog Entry

The last thing I read was the book Pie. I ,right now, am reading the book Hoot. The book is a good book, I am mainly reading it because it is a middle school project. I mainly read the book Pie because I got a lot of good reviews from friends. I would recommend it to anyone who likes baking. I also would recommend it to 6th or 5th graders.

Intrests and Favorites

My favorite book is Out of My Mind. My favorite author is Jason Robert Brown who wrote 13. My favorite magazines are the People magazines.

Song Choice

I chose the song Happy because it is fun and it is how I feel when I get a knew book in the library, or I have a book for a long car ride.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (1AM)

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