Texas School Nurses Organization

February 2017

Mission Statement

To promote, protect, and enhance professional school nurse practice through advocacy, evidence-based education, collaboration, and partnerships that support each student’s well-being and readiness to learn.

This newsletter takes NASN’s Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice approach.

President's Message

February is a month full of strength and courage in the face of adversity. Black History Month is a time to honor the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout history.

Many of our students are facing their own personal adversities where they must summon the strength and courage to face each day. This is an great time to showcase the many inspirational and courageous individuals who have made a positive impact in the lives of all Americans in a way that could promote student self-empowerment.

Frederick Douglass (1818-95) was a prominent American abolitionist, author and orator. Born a slave, Douglass escaped at age 20 and went on to become a world-renowned anti-slavery activist, and (on two occasions) an adviser to President Abraham Lincoln. In thousands of speeches and editorials, he brought a powerful indictment against slavery and racism, provided an unyielding voice of hope.

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) was inspired by advocates of nonviolence. At 33, he was pressing the case of civil rights with President John Kennedy. He motivated the nation with his "I Have a Dream" speech. At 35, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. At 39, his life was cut short, but he left a legacy of hope and inspiration that continues today.

By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus in 1955, black seamstress Rosa Parks (1913—2005) helped initiate the civil rights movement in the United States. She said “you must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”

We also observe American Heart Month to raise awareness that heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. As school nurses, we are in an extraordinary position as the health expert on our campuses to be an advocate and educate for heart health practices and ways to manage health emergencies.

It is important to remember that 80%–90% of people who have coronary artery disease have at least one major controllable risk factor. Most of these risk factors can be managed or eliminated, decreasing the chance for serious heart problems and poor circulatory health.

My Life Check®- designed by the American Heart Association with the goal of improved health by educating the public on Life’s Simple 7. From this site, you can learn your heart score, find resources that will help you and others manage blood pressure, control cholesterol, reduce blood sugar, get more active, eat better, lose weight and stop smoking. Anyone regardless of age or gender can start taking small steps to make healthy changes.

If you are a Pinterest user, for more resources check out my Heart Health 4 Life board!

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ~ Aristotle

Sláinte (health) to you,

Lisa Sicilio, MEd, BSN, RN, NCSN

NASN Election- Ballot Opens Online on March 15, 2017.

2017 NASN Election: Meet the Candidates for all candidate information.

Texas' very own Laurie G. Combe, Klein Independent School District, Health Services Coordinator, is running for NASN President-Elect. TSNO encourages each of our members to take a few moments to vote for this exceptional leader.

Laurie's Statement of View

"Securing the health and learning of school children is central to the mission of NASN. NASN advocacy must focus on elimination of barriers such as limited health care access and social factors negatively impacting student’s health and ability to learn. As President-Elect, I will advocate for third party payment for all qualifying school nursing services for all insured students by utilizing data that demonstrates the cost benefits to health systems, school systems and family systems when a school nurse delivers health care.

I value all NASN members – new and long-standing, novice and experienced, early tech adopters and very late adopters, baby boomers to millennials. All of those school nurses serve NASN’s mission focus and their diversity brings great capacity to NASN in identifying both student and school nurse development needs. A multi-pronged approach to membership recruitment, engagement and retention will assist in growing a diverse membership that reflects the wide range of students we serve.

School nurse leadership development is critical to the NASN Mission. School nurses need support to hone their self-confidence, fuel their passion, control their destiny, cultivate their influence, and grow character, connectedness, compassion and commitment. As President-Elect, I will work with the President and Executive Director to capture and develop the skills of our members in support of student health and learning.

Environmental hazards and communicable disease outbreaks resulting from globalization threaten school community health. As President-Elect, I will work with NASN staff to provide swift support for front line school nurses responding to these health crises.

I am a school nurse leader with proven leadership development skills at the local, state and national levels. I am highly qualified to serve as President-Elect of the National Association of School Nurses. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy."


Professional Certification in School Nursing

TSNO wishes to acknowledge the 130 Texas School Nurses who have set the standards for their specialty area through voluntary professional certification.

Professional certification in school nursing provides an ongoing, quality credentialing process for eligible school nurses. Certification represents a national standard of preparation, knowledge, and practice.
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TSNO also acknowledges Kim Bongers from Victoria, TX who has been an ANCC Certified School Nurse since 1997!

Any other ANCC Certified School Nurses, please contact TSNO so that we may acknowledge your commitment to excellence in School Nursing.



American Heart Association: Ella's Story, Saved by CPR


Recording of Webinar: Healthy and Ready to Learn State ESSA Plans to Support Student Health and Wellness

"Currently, states around the country are working to develop state plans to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA recognizes the need for schools to support the whole child and specifically acknowledges the importance of student health and school wellness.

This webinar is an opportunity to learn about this important resource and connect with other advocates working to advance student health and school wellness through ESSA state plans. You can watch a recording of the webinar below."

Healthy and Ready to Learn State ESSA Plans to Support Student Health and Wellness



As of January 10th, 2017 the 85th Legislative Session convened in Austin. The regular session will last for a total of 140 days. It will adjourn on May 29. As noted in the rules governing the legislature the lawmakers are prohibited from voting during the first 60 days of the session unless an emergency priority item should arise. Membership and chairs of the Senate committees have been identified, however those of the Representative committees have not been posted yet. Bills are being filed daily.

The Advocacy Committee of TSNO has been hard at work through phone calls, emails, and multiple face to face meetings with legislators. Our goal has been to provide them the research based documentation in support of those bills which may affect the practice of school nursing and school health programs.

TSNO priorities for this session include:

· Parental notification

· Spinal Screening

· Immunizations

· Epinephrine in private schools

According to NASN’s Framework for the 21st Century School Nursing Practice, Advocacy is a component under the leadership principle. It is imperative that school nurses embrace their roles and use their voices to influence on behalf of our profession and for the students and communities that we serve. An excellent book to read on advocacy is From Silence to Voice (2013), which can help you create your school nursing message that highlights your work and value.

When school nurses talk, legislators listen! When called upon, help us drive change by taking action in contacting your local Representative and Senator for there is POWER IN NUMBERS. Action items and legislative updates will be sent by direct messaging to you as they develop. A list of the bills we are monitoring and taking action on is posted to the TSNO website under Resources and named TSNO Weekly Bill Status Update.

Advocacy Committee:

Chanthini Thomas, Region 4 Chair

Frances Luna, Region 10

Linda Howard, Region 8

Maggie Willis, Region 10

Cheryl Phalen, Region 11

Laurie James, Region 11

Lisa Sicilio, Region 6


Buresh, B. & Gordon, S. (2013). From Silence to Voice (3rd ed.). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

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Get on Board the Advocacy Bus!

It’s time to Get on the Bus and Advocate for Immunizations!

Join us on February 23, 2017

Spend the day with us at the Capitol to educate legislators about the importance of immunizations to our state.

The 85th legislative session has begun

and we need your voice at the capitol!

Bus transportation is available from Corpus Christi

AND San Antonio to the capitol!


There is no cost for a seat on the bus. However, seating on the bus is limited (first come, first serve), so don't wait.

Want to walk with us, but

you'd rather come on your own?

No worries!

REGISTER HERE and we’ll meet you at the Capitol.

Have other questions? Contact:

Rekha Lakshmanan, Director of Advocacy and Policy
rlakshmanan@immunuizeusa.org or (281) 769-3089

37th UTMB Annual School Health Conference

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!! 37th UTMB Annual School Health Conference

Here is the link to the website: https://www.utmb.edu/nursing/conferences/school-health-conference Once in there, there is a link for the program brochure, and a second link for Register/Payment. We look forward to seeing you on March 4th, 2017 at the Galveston Island Conference Center!

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For Fun!

Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon Live 1965
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Save the Date: Texas School Nurses Organization 15th Annual Conference at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott

Friday, Nov. 10th, 8am to Sunday, Nov. 12th, 12pm

1601 Lake Robbins Drive

The Woodlands, TX

TSNO Executive Committee


PRESIDENT Lisa Sicilio - Region 6


PRESIDENT-ELECT Lisa Formby - Region 16


TREASURER Aida Salazar - Region 19


Secretary Adalia Del Bosque - Region 1


NASN DIRECTOR Laurie Combe - Region 4







ADVOCACY CHAIR Chanthini Thomas - Region IV


SCHOOL HEALTH ISSUES Karen Schwind - Region 13


MEMBER SERVICES Art Oaxaca Region 19



Membership Coordinator Linda Howard - Region 8


REGION PRESIDENTS Coordinator Sarah Batson - Region 17


EXHIBIT LIAISON Diane Hunt-Bullard - Region 20


Nurse Planner Karen Broussard - Region 4