Sammy Davis Jr.

Life Of Greatness

Sammy Davis Jr. was a famous actor, comedian, singer, and dancer from the early 1920s. He was born on December 8th, 1925, and started dancing when his parents split up when he was three.

He lived with his father and adopted uncle, and often performed with them and soon became known as Will Mastin Trio. His father was named Sammy Davis Sr., a famous singer back then. Because of all the traveling they did for tours, Sammy Davis Jr. didn’t have a formal education, though they often hired a tutor on the bus. By 1930s he became a singer and multi-instrument player and began performing on his own. His carree was paused when he was drafted to the army for world war II in 1943. When he was in the army he was beaten often by white soldiers. But soon enough he found a safew haven when he found a club he could preform in and made even the most hatteful crowd an audience.

When he got out, he prevailed against racism by refusing to perform in any clubs that participated in segregation. He was also inspired many people because of the way he stood up against racism. He is known for Ocean’s 11, Sergeant, and danced in “Rufus Jones For President”. He also marched with Martin Luther KIng Jr.

When someone says Sammy Davis Jr. many people think of racism, or music, or World War II. But he is known for much more, he is a great person and very inspiring.