Analytics Overview

Guide to Smore Analytics

The Analytics feature on Smore provides insight into who is viewing your newsletter and how they are interacting. Knowing this information can help you better promote your future newsletter to your audience.

Check out the guide below to learn more:

Please note: For the best Analytics results, we recommend emailing your newsletter through Smore rather than sending a link through your own email client.

A typical analytics window:

Big picture

Activating Analytics

On the right side of the Editor, the "Analytics" button will activate once you've published your newsleter. Keep the following in mind:

Pro users: data will appear after your newsletter receives 1 or more views

Free users: data will appear when you receive more than 30 views

All time visits

In the upper left corner is the visitor counter. Here you can see the amount of visitors your newsletter received from the date it was published.


On the left side of the Analytics window, you are able to see a list of your traffic sources. These include Facebook, Twitter, Direct, and Smore. These are the funnels through which people have found and come to your newsletter.

To learn more about Traffic Sources, click Here.


In the middle of the Analytics window, the "Interacting section," shows you what people are doing on your newsletter. It tells you how many people "liked" your newsletter on Facebook or "tweeted" your newsletter on Twitter, and also displays an estimation of how much time a visitor spent looking at your newsletter.


Under "Goals" on the right side of the Analytics window, you can track how your newsletter is performing.

It records:

  • How many visitors clicked on the links within your newsletter
  • Visitors who have contacted you directly
  • Visitors who are now "following you", meaning they have subscribed to your updates
  • RSVPs to any events within your newsletter. To learn more about RSVP, click here.


If you click the green "Location" tab in the Analytics window, you can view where in the world people have accessed and viewed your newsletter.

Email Report

In the orange "Email Report" tab, you can see who received your newsletter through email and confirm if your recipients have received, opened, or unsubscribed.

Pro users: Have unlimited access to this feature

Free users: Have a 5-email limit within this feature

To learn more about the Email Report, click here.

Need more info?

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