Nushtaeva Anastasia IE-12a

Hello everybody!

The aims of the conference are:

- to allow managers to get to know each other to become a stronger international team;

- to thank managers for their hard work;

- to discuss how the company cam improve its products and services.

Hello! I am writing to invite you to attend this year conference. I would like to inform you that our conference will be held in Colossus Hotel in Las Vegas, USA, at 6th of January . It is a 5-star hotel, which is located in the city centre. So you can easy find it. Also one of the advantages of this place, is easy access from airport. Our conference will be about new tasks and plans for the next working year. So, all of you should take with you reports about your progress for the previous year. You should make a short presentation in which you, include the most important information. Be prepared to participate in discussions.

Good luck to everyone!