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These groups will be vertically aligned. Because classroom visits are part of the PL, please hold any sustained silent reading activities (as part of Read Across America week) until after 10:30. We will be visiting classrooms up until that time and want to see typical daily instruction.

Also, lunch will be provided for each session. On the day of the last session, we will feed that group and any other staff members that have not been part of the sessions.

Thank you in advance! I look forward to our time together!

In March we have the opportunity to have full-day (7:30- 3:00) cross grade-level professional learning. On the dates listed below, we’ll be participating in classroom walk-throughs, group discussion, and learning more about formative assessments.

Please see below for your date and secure a substitute.

For the full day cross grade level PL days coming up:

  • · Everyone except ESOL needs to secure a substitute
  • · Lunch will be provided- Chick- Fil-A boxed lunches
  • · If you teach IE, we will be finished in time for you to get to your kids

Find Your Full-Day PL Date Below!

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