Friday Notes for LMS Staff

September 15, 2017

Link to Lion Share (Parent Newsletter)

Bus Monitor

Bus 53 is wanting to pay a bus monitor to ride the bus after school. This is a paid position. Let me know if you are interested.


  • Reminder, I have some clips for those students who would prefer no lanyards. They do have to wear them above the waist.Students do not have to come get a sticker in the sign in the system if they forget their PRIDE card. They just do not get their privileges.
  • Your admin team has stickers that we will randomly pass out for students that have their PRIDE cards on appropriately. When a student fills their PRIDE card, they can redeem for something. If you choose to give stickers, please take a picture of the stickers for me or I can provide you some stickers.
  • As items come up, write down your questions for us to clarify and discuss.

Professional Codes & Absences

As soon as you know that you will be out for a day, please put in your absence in Smartfind. It can be difficult to get subs and we would like for our classes to be covered. Thank you for helping your peers out!

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday: Leadership

Wednesday: Work it Wednesday- PLC for all departments (Core only)

Staff Meeting at 8am or 4pm

Friday: Grade Level Meetings (see Team Leader)

Lion Share Classroom Activities

Do you want your classroom activities features in Lion Share (parent newsletter)? Take pictures and send me an email. I will check to make sure students can be pictured. Send the hour and short description.

ID Requirements

It is a district requirement that every employee should be wearing their ids. I have some of the new NPS lanyards or clips if you would like one. If you lose your id, let me know.

PTA Support

Our PTA will be assisting with a $50 grant for your classroom. You may submit receipts to the PTA box with your name or you may go to Copelins Office Supply store where your name is on file. Forms are by the boxes. All receipts are due by December 1.

To join PTA, see Linda for the forms. It's only $6 for a teacher membership and includes a shirt.

Free Stuff!

See Lynne for your $50 Mitchell Jewelry gift certificate, NPS t-shirt, and NPS lanyard.

Norman North Baseball

Coach Ayler will be here on September 20 to visit with boys interested in baseball during Den Time. Please wait for an announcement to dismiss them.

Bell Schedule Flip for Moore Norman Technology Center Tours

We will flip bell schedules for the entire school on 10/5 and 10/6. Below is the bell schedule for those days:









NPSF Grants- Free Money!

Are you wanting to do a special project or need something for your classroom? Check out the Norman Public School Foundation Grants for Teachers!


All Marzano goals are due on October 20th in iObservation.

PRIDE tickets message from Beth Whittle

We will roll out Pride Tickets on Monday! I have placed tickets in all of your boxes. If you need an extra pad of tickets for a student teacher let me know and I will put one in your box as well. I added the powerpoint to the Google classroom. Carie is also going to share a video of me going over the powerpoint if you would rather show that in your homeroom instead of going over the powerpoint yourselves. It's up to you!

Remember, when handing out a ticket you need to:

1. Sign it

2. Put the student's name on it

3. Circle the element of Pride

Conferences for this year

Please submit the professional conference form if you are interested in attending conferences or professional meetings this year. Submitting the form does not mean you are guaranteed to attend, but it will help us in designating our budget for the year.

You need this t-shirt!

Join PTA for just $6 and receive this shirt for FREE! If we have 50% participant participation of all staff this year, then I will buy those participants a special treat. Help us to reach our goal! See Linda Moles for the form.
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Get Fit Registration

Registration begins on Monday, September 25, 2017!

A Conference Planning Page is attached.

Please print and complete prior to going online to the Electronic Registrar Online (ERO).

Registration will open at 4:00 a.m. on September 25.

Registration closes at 4:00 p.m. on October 4.


Click here to access an online version of the GET FIT PROGRAM!