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News Update

  • A new family just moved into town. They are the Fishers.
  • The family consists of`Erik - the older sibling, Paul, the youngest sibling, and Mom and Dad.
  • Paul has problems wit his eye sight. But his glasses really help him.
  • Mom and Paul found out about the muck fire, which is fire burning under ground.
  • The Fishers met the President of the Homeowners' Association - Mr. Costello.
  • The Fishers met Mr. Costello's son - Mike Costello.
  • Paul sees his new school - Lake Windsor Middle School.
  • Erik starts at his first football practice.
  • Paul was almost about to get into the soccer team, but he got kicked out because of his poor sight.
  • Mike Costello got struck by lightning during a practice and died before he hit the ground.
  • Joey, Paul, and other friends went to the tangerine carnival, but he was barley noticed a was left out by them.

Erik Fisher Football Dream

Paul and Erik are the two boys in the Fisher family. Paul is younger (in middle school), while Erik is older (in high school). Even though they are brothers, they are very different from each other. Erik ignores Paul, like he doesn't exist. Erik gets most of the glory from other, especially with the Erik Fisher Football Dream. It is a dream that their Dad has. It is about Erik becoming a great football player.

Tragedy Strikes

Mike Costello was standing at the end zone of the field. He was leaning on the goal post, with one hand on it. Then, lightning struck. Mike flew back, landing on the goal line. When people came near him, they say that on the left side of his head, him hair was singed off. Then the coaches started doing CPR in him, "Bangin' on his chest," like a team mate said.

Erik and Paul's father was getting in his car and calling 911. Then, the ambulances and cops came. They had the power pack machine, and tried to jump start his heart. But it was all to late, Because Mike was dead before he even hit the ground.

MOYA Close - Up

Paul's new move to Florida has not been going well. He is upset about how his life has been. He got kicked out of the soccer team. His mom is hating Florida. He has a friend (Joey Costello), but his friend is ignoring him. His brother is becoming a whole new different person. Paul now hates his life. Situations like this do happen in real life. Kid and mostly teens do suffer from this. They get very stressed and have anxiety. It is not a good feeling.

Soccer Tryouts

Come to Tangerine Middle School for the new 2015-2016 soccer team! You will need:

  1. A Soccer Ball
  2. A Pair Of Shingaurds
  3. A Pair Of Cleats
  4. A Pair Of Socks
  5. And Your Confidence.

Soccer Tryouts wil be 3 weeks from now. We will send more infrmation on the website.

Be Prepared, and Good Luck.