It's Fall Y'all!

Rock Your Summer & Hoopla Housekeeping!

Hi Ladies!!

Happy Fall Y'all! Ok... I know it's still the height of summer and the thermostat is tipping 100 where most of us live, but the fashion world does not bow to those weather gods!!

Have you seen the new fall line? What do you think? Is it amazing or what? In my excitement in ordering, I forgot to expedite shipping, so I'm oh so patiently waiting for my goodies to arrive tomorrow. My first sight favorites and my best seller predictions are the interlock cross in gold, the Mae/Christina link/Somervell combination and the Allegro necklace. If any of you local ladies want to swing by tomorrow night for a glass of wine and the big unveiling, let me know.

And, continuing on the lines of all things local, don't forget about the Katy Fall Rally this Tuesday at the Lake House. If you are on the hunt for a meeting near year, check out the events page from the Stylist lounge. New Orleans ladies - there is an event coming soon on July 29th.

Bringing Home Hoopla!

I hope everyone can call in tomorrow night for the Bringing Home Hoopla call! And, lets just say that if I hadn't already drank the Stella & Dot Kool-Aid, after spending three days soaking up the amazing-ness that is our company, I'm all in!!

Hoopla was amazing, and I am so energized for the season ahead! I was so excited to have two of our rock star team members by my side in Vegas... Rhonda Tamberella and Amanda Wisenborn. I hope see more of you next year in Orlando! Whether you're a brand ambassador or a consistent seller, listen to the keynote speeches when they post them in the lounge. Jessica's talk on time management is amazing. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day, and we are all juggling balls both glass and rubber. Make sure you don't drop glass and remember you can always pick back up the rubber ones later. Love!

And, finally who is ready to "Rock your Summer?!!" Anyone going for the silver Pegasus? Want to get there? Email me back with the level you are going for, and we can set up some time to talk and form a plan! There may be a special incentive for all you ladies going for STAR! It is the sweet spot of this company after all!

XOXO!! - Sarah